Fan Protest Offends Fans, But Is Otherwise Ignored

The “Kean Out” protest organised via facebook went ahead peacefully after yesterday evening’s game, but it seems to have failed in its attempt to get any national media coverage. Despite a SkyTV camera being pointed at the group of around 20-30 youths singing a mixture of anti-Kean and anti-Venky’s chants, no footage from the protest has yet been seen.

What did strike rather a negative chord with fellow supporters, however, was one of the protesters climbing on the statue of Jack Walker, where the protest took place. For once, often outspoken Rovers fan “Vinjay” was backed by numerous people on twitter when he said, “If it’s true certain ‘fans’ climbed on Jack’s statue, I hope the next thing they climb is an electric fence”. Others felt the protest was inappropriate given Rovers’ performance in the game. Joe Doe wrote on the protester’s facebook page: “You should be ashamed of yourselves. After that performance, you cannot protest anything.”

It would seem that neither a lack of press coverage or negative reaction from fellow fans has put off protest organiser Roseanna Wignall, who has simply commented: “Same on Saturday against Bolton?”

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