2011/12 Fixtures Announced

Rovers kick off the 2011–12 season on Saturday, 13 August, with a home fixture against Wolves, our opponents in the dramatic final-day game of the last season. On the following Saturday, Rovers travel down to Villa Park for the first away game of the new season against Aston Villa before returning to Ewood to entertain Everton on the 27th.

The Rovers’ fixture list follows a strict home-away pattern until the end of November, with no mid-week games scheduled at present. The end of 2011 sees us travel away on both Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve to Liverpool and Manchester United respectively, while the end of the season also has a tough look to it with Spurs away at the end of April and Chelsea away on Sunday, 13 May, in the final game of the season.

To view the fixture list in full, please visit the Rovers official site.

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