Steve Kean Banned

Rovers manager Steve Kean, who earlier today pleaded guility to drink driving, has been banned from driving for 18 months, fined £1,800 and ordered to pay costs of £720. The judge rejected Kean’s claim that his drink had been “laced” and thought that he had more drink than he had claimed.

Despite pleading guilty, Kean claimed that his drink had been spiked. Kean claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson poured him a second glass of wine, then suggested that his drink may have been spiked by fans as he frequently left the bottle he was drinking “unattended” while he posed with fans for photos at the Whalley Arms and admitted that he had lied to police before the breath test when he said he hadn’t been drinking. Kean bizarrely even admitted to talking to owners Venky’s on the phone while he was speeding down the motorway.

Neither the club nor the owners have commented thus far on this case. Steve Kean also refused to comment as he emerged from court after his guilty verdict.

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