Chelsea Protest To Proceed As Leaders Reject Club Meetings

Whilst the recent “Kean Out” protests have received mixed reactions from the fans, the club and the protest organisers have been widely commended for coordinating to ensure fan safety. However, protest organiser Glen Mullan has revealed that this week the fans group has rejected the request to cancel the next protest, although talks between organisers and club officials are likely in the near future.

Yesterday afternoon, Glen posted on the messageboard that he and fellow organiser Simon Littler had decided to turn down the offer of meeting with high profile officials in exchange for cancelling the protests as the club had not fulfilled its previous offer to arrange a meeting between the organisers and Steve Kean or other club representatives. A counter offer was made requesting a meeting this week, with the club responding by requesting that banners not be used for the pre-match Venky’s protest. It is not yet known when meetings will take place, but organisers are keen to hold them in the near future.

Glen believes this change of heart by the club could result in an escalation of fan unrest, stating: “this move by the club, may aggitate supporters to the exstent that they may take proceedings into their own hands and if this is the case then it could become ugly. The Club and Police have always maintained that as organisors we have a duty of care for the conduct of participants, and feel that this course of action by the club, is not in the best interest of the participants or this group.”

However, he is adamant the protest will go ahead and has sent a press release out, along with a link to a YouTube video cataloguing the changes at the club under the new owners, making both local and national press outlets aware of the forthcoming fourth protest at the Chelsea game.

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