Samba On Broken Promises And Wanting To Move

Rovers skipper Christopher Samba has accused the club of breaking promises and has suggested the Rovers lack ambition.

Talking to French newspaper L’Equipe, Samba said “Recently, mentally, it was difficult, I tried to keep my level of performance, but I feel it is time for me to change. The club does not change at all. I am resigned.”

“I’ve always put the interests of the club before (my own). I invested a lot, I always tried to lead by example, but things have not gone as I had said. I hope people understand me.”

Recently Samba has been linked with Paris St Germain. When asked about their interest, Samba said: “For now, there is nothing concrete. In any case, it’s flattering. The club has moved on to a different level, it is not the PSG of a few years ago. There’s Leonardo, Ancelotti, I’m sure they will bring great players.”

“We’ll see if the interest is confirmed or not, but it would be nice for me to go home. The most important thing is to find an ambitious club. I would like something else.”

Samba has been one of Rovers’ best performers this season. With the club firmly rooted to the bottom of the Premier League, many fans will be resigned to relegation if the giant defender is sold during this transfer window. Sources have told BRFCS that for Rovers to even consider selling their prize asset they will be looking for a lot more than the £7.5 million currently being offered by Spurs.

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