The BRFCS Annual Awards

The BRFCS Annual Awards (affectionately known as “The Groobys” in honour of the site’s founder) are a set of “annual” awards that were voted for by forum members to recognise the achievements of other messageboard users. Some are serious, others light-hearted and they were originally presented at pre-Christmas meet-ups. For the 4th Grooby awards, the timing was moved to the end-of-season get-together in May 2005.

2001 Awards – December 2001
The first Groobys were awarded in 2001 with the three winners being:
Best Football Contributor 2001: RevidgeBlue
Funniest Contributor 2001: tashor
Most Controversial Contributor 2001: Gav

2002 Awards – December 2002
In 2002, the categories were expanded with the winners as follows:
Best Overall Contributor 2002: RevidgeBlue
Funniest Contributor 2002: Abbey
Best Football Contributor 2002: Tris
Most Controversial Contributor 2002: thenodrog
Best General Contributor 2002: Anti Euro Smiths Fan

2003 Awards – December 2003
For 2003, the categories were cut down to three again, with the winners being:
Best Footballing Contributions 2003: philipl
Most Entertaining Contributions 2003: bob fleming
Most Controversial Contributions 2003: jim mk2

2004/05 Awards – May 2005
In these awards, as well as presenting to traditional winners, some were made to members who have significantly contributed to the website, including Four Lane Blue for the history section, and cn174 for development work.

The awards have not been presented since May 2005.

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