Forum Posting Guidelines

When posting on the forums, please ensure that you adhere to the messageboard forum posting guidelines detailed below. Failure to do so is likely to result in the moderators issuing warnings or bans and removal of the offending posts or threads. Please read the guidelines carefully.

Updated 24 April 2011


1. No bad language

This board attracts a wide range of users, including the young and easily offended. We therefore ask that you refrain from using bad language in your posts. Attempts to get around the “bad word” filters by deliberate mis-spelling or the use of substitute characters (*/~@# etc.) are considered to be the same as the use of the actual word. In some respects, attempting to manipulate language in this way is more offensive than the actual use of bad language. Bad language will not be tolerated in any section of the messageboard.

2. No text speak or irritating forms of writing

Internet slang such as “text speak” (txt spk) is not appreciated on the messageboard. Such slang can be difficult to read and is very unpopular with many board users. Similarly, do not write in backwards text or any form of jumbled language as many members find this irritating. Please write your posts using good, plain English.

3. Take care with spelling and grammar

Whilst we appreciate that not everyone has brilliant English writing skills, we do ask that members take a reasonable amount of care when composing posts. It only takes a short time to read through your post to make sure it makes sense.

4. Don’t use ALL CAPITALS

Many members find the use of ALL CAPS annoying as it gives the impression that you are shouting. Please refrain from using all caps unnecessarily.

5. English only

While we do appreciate that Rovers have a following all over the world, we ask that all posts are made in English so as not to exclude the majority of users from discussion.


6. No personal attacks

Whilst lively debate is encouraged, personal abuse and any other form of personal attack is not tolerated anywhere on the messageboard, including via the personal messenger system.

Note that board members’ personal messages are not monitored by admin. Technically, however, admin do have access to personal messages and reserve the right to monitor these when serious cases of abuse are reported.

7. No flaming

Board members must refrain from posting anything that is designed to insult or provoke others, regardless of subject. Similarly, whilst we ask members to take care with spelling and grammar, we also discourage members from drawing attention to the spelling and grammatical errors of others.

8. Use preview before posting

Occasionally debates become heated and people write things they later regret. After composing your post, please click the Preview Post option and re-read it, and consider if you really want to post your remarks.


9. No abusive or offensive content

Board members must refrain from posting anything that may be viewed as abusive or offensive. This includes, but is not limited to, anything that may be classed as racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted or otherwise offensive. Any post considered by admin/mods to be potentially offensive, to any individual, will not be tolerated. In this respect, admin/mods reserve the right to delete posts or lock threads as they see fit and may suspend posters temporarily or permanently.

Note that threads on immigration, race and religion or other such potentially divisive topics are not allowed on the messageboard.

10. No questionable content or links

Please ensure your posts do not include “questionable” content or links to such content. This is a requirement of our host and will be strictly enforced. This includes, but is not limited to, pornography, race hate, hacking, material that may be legally judged to be of a threatening or obscene nature, and material protected by trade secrets. Please note carefully that online streams of live football matches are also classed as questionable content and the posting of links as well as the requesting of links to such content will result in an immediate temporary ban in the first instance.

11. No copyrighted material

All posts are copyrighted to their poster unless otherwise stated. Board members are not permitted to post copyrighted material unless permission has been granted by the copyright owner. This includes copying stories from news websites. Please post a link to the relevant site instead.

Any copyright owners who find their intellectual property used on this site without permission should contact us via email at so that we can take appropriate action.


12. Keep posts relevant to the thread

Please keep posts relevant to the thread topic, especially in the main football-related forums. Off-topic posts may be removed at the discretion of admin/mods. Also, please ensure you have a point to make: the repeated posting of drivel (especially to increase your post count) will not be tolerated.

13. Avoid creating new threads unnecessarily

Nothing is more annoying than multiple threads on exactly the same point. Please check existing threads, using the search feature where necessary, before creating any new thread. Duplicate threads are likely to be locked, and repeat offenders will be warned and then banned. Think before creating new threads.

14. Keep personal messages to messenger

The messageboard is a public forum. If you wish to conduct a conversation with a single user, please use the personal messenger feature. Please note that the posting guidelines apply to personal messages too. Bad language and personal attacks on any member via personal messages will not be tolerated.

15. No unsolicited advertising

Whilst we do allow adverts of particular relevance to Rovers fans, all adverts must be submitted to admin for approval before posting. Note that adverts of no particular interest to Rovers fans, including adverts for other websites and businesses, are not permitted. Interested commercial advertisers should contact admin to discuss advertising options. Admin can be contacted via email at

16. Ticket touting

The touting of football tickets via the Internet is illegal and as such is not permitted on the messageboard.

17. No inline images

As a rule, board members are asked not to display inline images in their posts, especially in the main football-related forums. Appropriate images are currently allowed, but are normally more suited to the non-football section.

Images should be linked from their host websites unless the source site explicitly agrees to external linking. Many links from inappropriate sites could set off proxies and make the site “non work safe”.

18. Signatures

Signatures should be kept to a reasonable size to avoid clutter and should be in line with posting guidelines. Note that the site software currently does not allow images to be posted in signatures.


19. One person, one account

The messageboard operates a one person, one account rule. There are a few rare occasions when more than one account per user is permitted. However, this must be approved by an administrator first. Signing up for a new account whilst serving a ban will result in measures being taken to ensure no further access to the messageboard.

20. Reporting posts to moderators

There is a Report link at the bottom of each post below the poster’s details that allows board members to report a post to board moderators. Clicking this link will generate a personal message. Members should give the reasons for reporting the post in question in the space provided before sending it. All admin/mods can view this report and appropriate action will be taken in due course. Please note that the Report feature is intended to allow members to bring posts they find objectionable or feel to be in breach of the posting guidelines to the attention of admin/mods. While members are encouraged to use this feature when appropriate, it should not be abused. Any member who does abuse the Report feature will be in breach of messageboard posting guidelines and may receive a warning or ban as appropriate.

21. Respect the decisions of administrators and moderators

The decisions of administrators and moderators are to be respected at all times. Admin/mods make decisions that they feel are for the overall good of the site. This includes moderators choosing to close a thread if it is felt that the topic can no longer be discussed in an acceptable and responsible manner and letting minor offences go with a quiet word rather than a formal warning. If a moderator is forced into making such a decision, they will not have done it lightly. Please respect their decision even if you do not agree with it. The moderators have a tough job, so please do not make it any harder than it already is.

22. Complaints

If a board member disagrees with any decision made by moderators, they should contact admin via email at Any public disagreement will not be tolerated.

23. Record of admin/mod actions

All admin/mod actions are logged automatically by the messageboard software. In addition to this, (a) any action taken by admin/mods shall be recorded in the warn logs of the individual member of admin/mods; and (b) admin/mods shall inform individual members of their action and reasons for such action by personal messenger.

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