Greatest Ever Team
Walter Crook

Trooper - Walter Crook
Born Whittle-le-Woods 1912
Rovers 1931 - 1947
Apps 237, goals 2
International Honours 1 wartime appearance for England

Graduated through junior teams before making full debut, was an ever present from 1934 until outbreak of second world war in 1939.Crook then figured in te first 17 matches of the 1946-47 season to make it a record 208 consecutive league appearances for us. Walter was the captain of the second division championship team in 1939-40 & played in Rovers 1940 War Cup Final, military service keeping him away from Ewood Park for most of the War years.
Walter later moved to Bolton where injury cut short his playing career, he then moved into coaching & led Ajax Amsterdam to the championship within two years of arriving in Holland.

Crook was a a rugged character whose aggressive approach inspired his colleagues & delighted supporters.

  Billy Wilson
spencer - I would like to nominate Billy Wilson, please - a powerful left-back who could defend well & power down the left-wing when required. I don't remember him scoring any particularly spectacular goals or showboating & I don't believe he won any international caps but he was a solid defender, hard in the tackle, &, I believe, a true team player.

bazza - My personal favourite. I called him Billy Whizz. A good reliable full back in an average Rovers team. I used to delight in watching Mr Reliable ply his trade.

  Alan Wright
bazza - Five feet three inches from Blackpool. A terrific defender and a good overlapper.
I'm sure he could have outjumped Tiny Taylor and Jon Stead to head the ball. I was sorry to see him leave Ewood.

  John Forbes

92er - Forbes made 127 appearance between 1888 and 1894.
Apparently not only was he a quality player - a Scottish international, but was also a born leader of men and a"gentleman" rather than from the "school of hard knocks", the provenance of players such as Suter.He retired early because of ill-health. He went on to open " a gentleman's store" but from what I remember, there was also a toy department and a sports department.

92er - It sounds as though, as well as being an excellent player in his own right, he captained us to 2 winning cup finals.When the Rovers went for him, they were looking for him to take them back to their former glories, which he did.His leadership in the 2 finals was a demonstration of the great art of captaincy and was judged to have been the finest display of back play ever seen at the Oval. So,should he be included as a left-back? In my opinion, yes.If he's not included-and I wouldn't expect him to win-it's more a reflexion on the person writing about him than the great man.

  Callum Davidson
Bob Fleming - Callum Davidson? Callum. Davidson. C. Davidson. Davidson, Callum. The big eared goggly eyed defender as he was once described in some newspaper or other. I don't think he should win!