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Takeover Nears Completion

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Posted 03 September 2010 - 06:47 AM

Syed Ali's bid to purchase Blackburn Rovers remains on track despite reports of trade problems that he faces in Bahrain.

Sources close to takeover have revealed to BRFCS that Mr Ali has completed due diligence and in now ready to purchase the club. Sources have indicated that legal procedures relating to the sale are well under way and Mr Ali hopes to complete the deal by the third week of September. Sources have also indicated that Mr Ali is now preparing to undergo the Premier League fit and proper test, no problems are envisaged with regards to this as Rovers own checks are much more rigerous than the Premier League test.

In a separate development, sources have revealed that Rovers representatives held serious talks with a new unnamed bidder this week in London. It is believed that the new bidder has potentially greater financial resources than Mr Ali. BRFCS understands that whilst Mr Ali remains in pole position to purchase Rovers, the trustees want to fully evaluate all bidders before selling the club.

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