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From: Is this the Truman Show?



Are we all unwittingly taking part in a sequel to The Truman Show? Its like we are all accessories being manipulated in somebody elses show.

I mean we see and experience things with our own eyes and ears at this Club and then we are told we are just imagining it all.

So on the lines of the Keans ludicrous quotes thread last season here comes the things that just don't add up:-

for example

Tonights attendance was 13400 -what??

We have n't lost that many fans compared to when we last got relegated-what??

These are exciting times for the Club-what??

We want to make the fans happy-what??

We have a Global Advisor-what??

Spend nothing in Jan as a PL Club then blow our brains when we get relegated-what??

Lets see how long this list of ''have i dreamt it?'' events at Rovers actually is.Please feel free to contribute and we can pull together a top 100 for circulation.

Source: Is this the Truman Show?


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