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From: Rovers vs Boro



The fact that after seven games Kean is still averaging two points a game will, I suspect, be enough to keep him in a job. However, there needs to be a drastic rethink with regard to personnel and tactics. Murphy and Etuhu don't look good together as both are sitting far too deep. If Etuhu was further forward it might give Murphy more time and space than he gets at the moment with Etuhu virtually next to him. I'm not sure if Shebby or Kean is the one buying the players but questions have to be asked why we haven't bought an outside-right, a right-back, a left-back and a box to box midfielder like Jermaine Jones. We have any number of players who want to play in the "hole" but only Gomes has actually looked good in that position.

Although our defence has been poor the fact remains that our midfield offers nothing going forward. If the shackles are put on Rhodes and Gomes there is nothing coming from any other part of the team except from set pieces.

Tonight was another hugely disappointing performance and also, for the first time this season, a disappointing result. However, 14 points from seven games is a good platform on which to build if more can be gotten from players who are being paid a small fortune to win promotion this season. One feels that it's promotion or bust this season and I suspect one of the reasons that Kean is still here is because the club know that finding a replacement is going to be less than straightward.

Source: Rovers vs Boro


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