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From: The Business Case For Replacing Kean



Hello folks,

I've just run some basic numbers to see what the business case for replacing Kean might look like and come up with some interesting results...

Assuming we paid off the bald lump with a cash sum, say £600K, and looking at the immediate impact that might have on additional season ticket sales, with a further say 1500 walk ons per game (including me, I might add), this is how it looks:

  • 1000 extra season tickets, plus walk ons = approximately £663,000 additional revenue to the end of the season (therefore a £37K benefit in sacking Kean)
  • 2000 extra season tickets plus walk ons = £896,000 additional revenue (£296K nett of sacking)
  • 3000 extra s t + walk ons = £1,155,000 additional revenue (+£515K)
  • 5000 extra + walk ons = £1,673,000 (i.e. £1.1 million benefit)
  • 8000 extra (yes, pushing it a bit, but if we were going balls out for promotion,..) = £2,45,000 (or nearly 2 million up!..)

I know the figures are quick and dirty, but I thought Venkys were supposed to be business people - the business case, in my opinion, stacks up for getting rid of the idiot right here, right now. What do you think?

Come on Venkys and Shebby. Grow some.


1) Cost of scacking coco around £600k

2) £259 per season ticket (pnly full tickets assumed)

3) Average cost for walk ons £18

4) 1500 casual supporters coming back to Rovers each week.

Source: The Business Case For Replacing Kean


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