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From: Kean Set To Be Sacked



As is not uncommon with Glen's posts, whilst we find them very interesting, we have to add a disclaimer that this are his own views and may not be the views of BRFCS, ir owners or it's volunteer helpers; nor do we vouch for it's accuracy.

I have refrained from commenting on this thread and this is my first post on it (Do not appreciate the inuendo's which have spread like wildfire in last 24 hours, which has included DM's on twitter referring to a post I have not made ) I will update on what I have been told and what I have seen unfold since Friday . Lets be clear and my posting history clearly backs this up. I have had big sources at Ewood long before Shebby arrived, and its no big secret I talk to him daily. Having people placed all over Ewood , the training ground ect is something I have been lucky to have for a long time. As I told Agnew just a few weeks ago, if he says it, does it ect he may aswell cc me in on it as ithits me within hours . Thats another story............

This is not a case of who is right or wrong, or knows more than the next gut, whats true whats false, this is all about one thing, our club having a future. The last 4 days has achieved only one thing, supporter fall outs, people's emotions going from one extreme to another, people being caught in the cross fire and those who made sure the end result was not a desirable one, lapping it up at our expense. If there was anytime for supporters to stick together that time is now, its not a pissing contest, and our whole club is in turnoil if the fallout from all this falls the wromg side of the edge. Sometimes in life its waht you dontsay, which gets the results, saying too much often gives the keys to the other side/ Anyway that being said,I have reported below my understanding, I wont be answering any more inudendos's or getting involved with petty arguement. In fact at times I wonder why I even bother. On Sunday night I was in a committee meeting when the news broke of Cryers story, I was jubilant, I even shed a tear with my wife, as the last 12 months have been hell. I had no reason to question the story and did not even check the story, I was just relieved that Cryer was reporting he was a goner n Kamy was also backing it up. I stayed up all night, as I have so many nights the last 12 months, the strain the pressure, the personal insults the lot. I posted this on my facebook wall within minutes of hearing.

12 months of hell , 12 months of family intrusion , 12 months of abuse , but great friends made , bonds which will never be broken . Belief in one another that the we will fight the good fight for the right reasons , never wavered , never gave up , never rose to the hate , and boy it was hard . But a new dawn is born and the rebuilding starts here . Thank you to everyone who believed in one another , who shared their lives and love and stood up for their club unconditionally . Sorry to my friends who ain't seen as much of me , my wife n family who have had to share me. The decision is not confirmed but is looking likely

Following the SKY Reporters question to Kean after the Boro game on Friday about the points total not being hit (Which has been muttered in certain quarters)

The press spent the next 24 hours trying to seek clarification of Kean would get sacked, this sent supporters across all social network sites into a frenzy, with most demanding his removal. Pressure was being put on all quarters at Ewood for a reaction. A decision which apparently came from the top on Saturday was made for Kean to be removed and a press statement was drawn up and given to Derek Shaw to do the deed as the highest ranked director and sack kean.

However Kean went underground (its been alledged) No-one could get hold of him and the press statement stayed on Shaw's desk.

The article then appeared in the Mirror regarding Sherwood being the new manager, and as if by magic Shebby turned up at the spurs match (Spurs fan) and the whole social world , media went into meltdown.

This was the first step of an incredible back track, Having spoken to Shebby, he was indeed there in a supporters capacity but also as a guest to Malaysian contacts he has within QPR. Someone somewhere and it dont take a brain surgeon wanted this story out there, that a plot to replace the Manager was underway, behind Kean's back which would gain the Manager sympathy from within the media and footballing world

In the mean time Local press had the news that Kean was on his way out, and the knowledge of the press release stating this was all everyone was waiting for.

The bigger the media frenzy the harder it became to execute the deed and the sacking, Througout the last 12 months the word "PLOT" Has appeared in certain quarters and has been used to good effect to keep Kean in a job

In a secret meeting I had last week with witness's it was revealed to us that Kean/Agnew had been telling Pune that John Williams and Simon Williams had been funding protest, this is the same plot Jerome Anderson referred to, and the same plot certain Journo's had been peddling for 12 months. This whole affair is being played out to give Kean the victim card

An impecable source, directly linked with the brothers claimed last night that Mrs Kean had phoned Mrs Desai in tears (There relationship has always been strong)and following on from plots, got her to hold off the sacking. In the meantime Paul Agnew was singing like a canary claiming Kean would not be sacked and with it was discrediting Shebby Singh in the meantime, (Which today has worked in Keans favour) The decision to sack Kean came direct from the top, as did the decision to not follow it through.

The information people held, (some of the story) was good information but what was going on in the backgroud made the chances of this being done slimmer by the hour, the longer the media put the pressure on with no official word from the club. Kean's disappearance act of not answering calls is all what was needed and his wife's step in. Add to this carefully placed replacement stories etc

This was the same tactic used to oust so many directors, (remember the famous director plot after the Bolton Game?)

Whats the end result, a whole supporter base confused, the finger pointing and looking for reason at what has happened. The divide upon opinion, Kean still in a job, and people's credibility in question.

For those who wanted Kean in a job, its a result, for those who wanted him out, it makes their position now questionable.

All the heat is moved off Kean, and the anger and fury now being pointed at Singh and the owners.

A couple of rumours to boot, which I have not had confirmed , Kean demanded a massive pay off of £4 Million, (This does not fit in with the offical line I have been told as I was told Kean was uncontactable)

Kean was dismissed by Shebby in person ( This has been denied as the deed was passed to Shaw to do as highest ranked director)

All in all its a complete and utter mess

Source: Kean Set To Be Sacked


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