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From: Steve Kean resigns!



I don't know if anybody heard the interview that Graham Liver did with Henry Winter this morning on Radio Lancs. Here is the link to it http://www.bbc.co.uk...ver_01_10_2012/ at approx 2hours7mins in. I listened back to it this evening and transcribed it (not word-perfectly, but the general gist) because I'm a bit of a Henry Winter fan and thought he made some valid points and I wanted a record of them. Thought I'd share them on here so others can see too.

Graham Liver – It’s fair to say that a lot of Blackburn Rovers fans are not very happy with the way that they’re being portrayed in the national media, and seeing SK as a victim and seeing the Rovers fans as bully boys in all this.

Henry Winter – Well SK definitely wasn’t the victim. You know, he was part of the problem. He was a symptom of the Venky’s incompetence. I’ve been covering Blackburn Rovers for twenty odd years off and on and if there’s one thing I do know about the club is that the supporters, the fanbase, is pretty loyal. They’re not a militant bunch. So you know that night at home against Bolton Wanderers when they really turned upon Kean I could understand it. I mean, you know, occasionally it strayed into excess but you have to understand the mentality of these fans is that they want to protect their club, and if they feel that SK the manager is not good enough, and clearly he wasn’t. The results showed that. He took them down. He didn’t have the experience in the first place and I have to say I have complete sympathy for the fans. You know, it’s their club long-term. They’ve seen good people go like John Williams, like Tom Finn, good players go. They’ve just seen this circus engulf a club which down the years has been pretty well run. It feels like it was only yesterday that Jack Walker was cradling the Premier League trophy like a first born with tears rolling down his eyes, and that’s the type of people you want running the club, not people like the Venky’s. And Kean was just a symptom of the Venky’s.

Graham Liver - But there are those who would say that where Rovers are in the Championship, maybe now would be a wrong time to actually get rid of SK. Now obviously SK made the decision to go himself but people are saying ”Why now?”

Henry Winter – Well it’s the best decision he made, to leave. He should have done it twelve months ago and they might not have gone down. I mean you can rewind it further back. I was surprised that Sam Allardyce was sacked. If you want anyone who is going to get a team out of a difficult situation it’s Sam Allardyce, he’s a fighter, he’s an experienced manager. He would get the players onside, which you can question that about SK so this is a new chance and I’ve been following your coverage, I’ve been following the Lancashire Evening Telegraph’s coverage and Andy Cryer made a very good point at the weekend. They have to get this right. And it was interesting what someone was saying earlier about they want to make the decision quickly. No. Blackburn Rovers have to make the decision correctly. They mustn’t rush into this. They must appoint an experienced manager who can re-engage the club with the supporters.

Graham Liver – Was the problem that SK seemed to be the only person talking from the club. Because Venky’s don’t seem to want to talk to anyone. There’s a new communications officer at Rovers who doesn’t want to communicate with anybody. SK was the public figure of Blackburn Rovers, wasn’t he?

Henry Winter – Well Agnew was on the communications side wasn’t he, and he’s sort of stepped up and is doing well with the administration of the club and I would have thought he would have a more active public role. But you cannot run a major English footballing institution from whatever it is, from 2000 miles away. So again it comes down to good people. John Williams is one of the most respected administrators in the game, so is Tom Finn. If you lose people like that you lose structure and you lose organisational strength. And you lose that ability to communicate with the fans.

Source: Steve Kean resigns!


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