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From: Booing Players



Now Kean has gone some of our wonderful fans have decided that now they can't boo him they just can't help themselves but target somebody else. It's not a new phenomenon of course. We've had players down the years who have been booed, quite recently Keith Andrews attracting the abuse.

So far this season I've heard Murphy and Jason Lowe being booed. Now Murphy has played below the standard I have expected of him and came with a little expectation given he had played well last season in the Prem and has a lot of experience. I've been disappointed that he hasn't had more of an impact and at times his technique has been lacking in even some of the more basic passes he has tried to play. It is however early days and we are very much in a transitional stage. How anybody thinks it is going to benefit the team by booing individuals who are playing for the club (from the games I have seen - all home games but the first two - he has looked interested in recieving the ball and has not shirked away from playing his game, rather his game hasn't been coming off) I do not know.

On the other hand you have Lowe who is still a young lad who is learning and has come through the ranks. He gets on with his game without complaints and tries is best and is always full of running.

What is some people's problem? Why the constant scapegoating? I worry that now Kean has gone the fans think they can just boo absolutely anything, until they are heard. We need to get up this season. It is imperative. There are ways to do things constructively but booing the players whilst they are playing is not one of them. Our fans are getting a worse and worse reputation, rightly or wrongly, but I know if I was the likes of Murphy, I wouldn't be recommending others coming here.

Source: Booing Players


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