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From: Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers



Not one of the players today seemed comfortable with the role they were asked to play. Givet didn't know whether to get out to the full back position or stay central. System was presumably meant to make us hard to beat but it somehow made us less compact defensively as players chased the ball like 5 year olds and nobody seemed to stick to their man and make sure he didn't get the ball in a good area. Richards tried to play here there and everywhere but the one place he was supposed to be, or one expects he would be mopst effective, off the main striker Rhodes. Rhodes was so isolated it's unfair to pick him out as underperforming. Subs were the wrong ones - no change of formation or type of player when the subs came on. Nunes can cross a ball can he? Well, not from where we were sitting as every one found the first man and was cut out. The crowd wanted to party - what a pity neither the caretaker manager - hope that's all he is - nor the players seemed to want to give us anything to celebrate. I'd rahter have lost 4-3 than watched that dross.

Source: Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers


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