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From: Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers



The formation was an interesting one, took me quite a while to figure out exactly what we where playing but I come to the conclusion that first half we played something best described has a 3-4-1-2, although trying to press the play high was a key feature it almost we had a front three at times with Rhodes and Kazim-Richards pulling out wide slightly and Formica almost operating in the centre-forward role. Needless to say the back three regular turns into a back five when defending. I would argue that we did look a little more solid and organised at the back using this formation than we have in other games this season where we've conceded countless chances. The only chance Wolves had first half I recall was an Ebanks-Blake header which really should have been a goal but hit the post.

Second half Formica was removed, he did plenty of running but had very little impact and the formation changed again. This time to more of a 3-4-3 or effectively a 5-4-1 when defending. This is the same formation that Wigan have been using for a while. Kazim-Richards played from the right and Nunez from the left. Nunez got man of the match despite only being only for 45 minutes. He did look lively but his poor crossing let him down once again, he seems to do the difficult bit in beating the player or making room for himself but then fails to delivery good crosses on regular basis. Definitley got something about him the kid though, should be starting most games. I can fully see how it would be considered negative when it can be said to be playing five at the back and only one upfront. But the game was a very close one and looked to be heading for a 0-0 but for a brilliant strike for the Wolves goal. I understand the idea behind the change in tactics but when you lose and create so little at home it does look bad. Then again we did have a few half-chances from Rhodes and Kazim-Richards missed a similiar easy headed chances that Wolves missed in the first half.

Glad to see a slightly improved atmosphere around Ewood. But a shame we never really saw an improvement in performance from our other efforts this season. I still say the experiment in formation by Black was worth a try because I'd say it suits our current squad that is very low on quality in wide midfield areas and very poor in defense. The sooner we get a new manager in the better. Although I honestly don't think the squad is quite as bad as some people make out, make a good appointment and we really should be challenging for promotion in my opinion.

Source: Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers


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