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From: Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers



First match back at ewood since the disaster that was the bolton home game last season. Few things stood out. As above murphy was terrible today. I dont really understand what his role is supposed to be. He doesnt get stuck in when we dont have the ball and when he has it at his feet it takes him an age to distribute it and rarely does he look for an attacking pass. When he arrived i was hoping that he could use blackburn as a final project and test himself in this league. However based on todays performance he has just come here to retire and the fact he has the captains armband is a shame. The armband should go to a player who at least looks like they care (ie robbo) and this is definitely not danny murphy. Lowe was terrible today also, cant pass, cant tackle, dont see how he is a centre mid. Formica works hard but offers little still. His tackling was probably the best out of all the midfield today which says a lot.

Genuinely think that today was a game where man of the match award should have been scrapped. Nunes got it in the end and although he did threaten occasionally when he first came on he completely wasted a good few corners. Our delivery into the box on the whole baffled me. I hadnt appreciated how undersized our new look team was until today. The majority of our crosses and corners were extremely lofted and with our team being so small thats perfect for the defending centre backs. They had lots of time to get under the crosses and send them to safety. Id like to see us whipping more balls at awkward heights across the goal as with our strikers this is the only way i can see them scoring via assists from the wings. I guess Eric black kind of had a point about the strikers but i felt it was more down to the way we played than anything else.

Rhodes was extremely isolated throughout, he needs someone close to him that much is clear as the few opportuinities he got to pass it around a bit his link up play was actually quite good.

Didnt think wolves were that impressive either, they basically did enough to win the game without really getting out of second gear. Neither team looks like promotion candidates as neither has the dynamism needed to keep the results coming.

Disappointed we didnt make our third sub also. Would have been no harm in giving gomes or rochina 5 or 10 minutes at the end when defeat looked fairly certain.

Source: Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers


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