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From: Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers



This is what is scaring me.

I knew that Murphy and Etuhu were nowhere near the level we need based on their performances at Fulham at the end of last season but I believe Eric Black said we don't have any strikers suited to this division...

Excuse me?

It's about the only thing he got right. We simply don't have a striker who is capable of winning the ball in the air or who is physically strong enough to hold the ball up. Black was spot on when he said if you play the ball up to our present strikers it will come straight back at you. In other words we have any number who want to play off a centre-forward but we don't have a centre-forward! Surely this comes down to the pre-season planning or lack of it. What was the point of playing £8 million for Rhodes if the coaching staff knew full well he couldn't play in the system the Rovers want to adopt. Black was quoted on Radio Rovers as saying we are asking him to play a role he hasn't done before - so why buy him? Why not buy a striker who can play the role the coaching staff wanted? This division is about strength and power and in attack the Rovers are sadly lacking. Admittedly, the likes of Lowe and Murphy in midfield are a handicap to start with. This squad is not good enough no matter who we bring in as manager. Personally, if Venky's have the money, give the new manager the season to sort it out and get rid of the deadwood and allow him to bring in his own players and coaching staff. By not doing this in the summer I fear that we have wasted this season in terms of launching a promotion push. We have now played ten games and have yet to play well. Far from dominating the division we have been second best in the majority of these games and even poor sides look capable of taking points of us.

Source: Rovers v Wolverhampton Wanderers


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