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From: New Manager Part 3



Having got over the initial shock of being forced to consider Flitty and his pals, I actually warmed to it. Probably for non-playing reasons, but I warmed to it nonetheless. Our idiotic appointing committee could do a lot worse for us.

On the face of it, it would be a staggering appointment which would merely serve to confirm the dysfunctionality that exists at t'Rovers under this appalling regime.

However, because of that very dysfunctionality, having people I could trust at the helm is equally if not more important to me than a proven football management record, and it has to be said, I would trust this trio above a lot of others and I think on that front, fans could rest as easily as they are likely to under the current owners. They might not take us up (but who knows, everyone is a gamble) but I would feel much easier with them there to safeguard the overall future of the club than with say another SEM appointment or most of the other candidates who seem to have been considered by the aforementioned committee. On that score, if the owners (whoever the owners are) are expecting some grateful Kean-like puppets, they might get a bit of a shock with these old-boys. I should hope so anyway.

In the meantime, I'd have got behind them for sure. It would be good if it came off with success on the pitch. If it didn't, at least I won't be feeling like relegation and destruction of our club is actually part of the plan, along with lining the pockets of parasitic agents, which is all I've felt like for the last two years and expect to continue. Because of that, of course, if Shebby or whoever pulls the strings actually felt about them like I do - then they wouldn't get appointed anyway. You see, under this shower, you can't have everything - only something which might be half decent one way, but bad in another, or usually, bad in every way possible.

I wouldn't know if it's a deliberately perverse appointment (i.e. made to put fan's noses out of joint) or an ignorant/stupid one or a 'genuinely' misguided one (i.e. made for the right reasons, but still in mistake) or a blatantly cheap one or a desperate one - but it's probable that Flitty/Jansen/Short would do what's good for the club rather than what's profitable for the owners and agents and for that reason, notwithstanding their lack of managerial experience, I think there could be some merit in the appointment, if it were to happen. Not in the way that Shebby or whoever appointed them think there might be, but in other equally important ways at this desperate time for the club (and us, the fans.)

So, if it did happen, don't panic. Let's get behind them ... and hope for the best. It could be worse (another Anderson client? Or indeed anyone compliant with our owners' malignant strategy.)

Whoever gets appointed, I hope they keep Black on. He also seems to have some trustworthy qualities and he's definitely not a bullshi££er like Kean was. We could do with people like that about the club.

Source: New Manager Part 3


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