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From: New Manager Part 3



I'd take Black, to honest, over and above the vast majority of those linked.

It takes a particular type of personality to connect to 'us lot' at t'Rovers (we've never liked fancy fans and bull$$itters) and most of us would admit we are a hard lot to please and always have been, maybe because Blackburn is such a dump and we are all permanently depressed at living here. However, from a very unpromising start, through no fault of his own, but simply being present under the most shockingly bad management in our history (I never thought Jim Iley would one day be regarded almost wistfully), I think most Rovers fans would acknowledge that there's something about him you can trust. In that sense he's a perfect antidote to the apparent idiocy in the boardroom and the Walter Mitty like lunacy and dishonesty of wee Stevie.

I reckon he's been quietly appreciated and rated in a low-key sort of way wherever he's been, it's just that some guys don't get the breaks, whereas untold numbers of absolute morons (probably the vast majority of the former players who make up the football manager fraternity) do. Really, the quality of most of them is shockingly bad.

Black is no moron, he's a likeable, down-to-earth, intelligent guy. It's obviously still too early to judge him on management, but even there, it's hard to fault his efforts so far. If nothing else, he's clearly seen what we all see and is doing something about it. Not rocket science, I know, but a massive improvement on what we've been accustomed to recently.

Believe me, we could do a lot worse, and we probably will.

Source: New Manager Part 3


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