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From: Watford Preview



Horrible game to watch lacking passion, desire and quality. This is supposed to be a PL squad and should be dominating the opposition. Instead we get pedestrian, lifeless performances. The crowd was as quiet as I can remember, really, really poor. 10,000 would be the maximum, someone is telling porkies with 13,200.

Two major concerns for me. At best we have three potential PL players so promotion would bring a whole new set of problems. Secondly I don't believe a new manager will bring the crowds flocking back. I feel many have gone now......for good.

I hadn't been this season until Sheff Wed and Watford today and the most worrying thing about the last two matches is the lack of activity that the opposition keeper has to do. Other than the two goals I don't think I've seen Kirkland or Almunia make more than 2 routine saves in each match! I'm not a fan of 4-4-2 in particular but we've signed an 8m striker who looks sharp in the box (todays goal had the stamp of a natural striker ) but who is cut adrift up front and imo does not have the physique or the mentallity to be a back to goal player. Rhodes needs to feed off chances created by knock downs from a proper target man and asking him to be the target man will imo expose him to greater injury risk.. If that is the case then we need to switch to a more traditional 4-4-2 and luxury players like Rochina and CKR cannot be accomodated as most teams will play a 5 man midfield against us. We will need midfielders who can tackle and graft as well as provide traditional service from the wings to a big man up front which makes Pederson a must on the left but who we can play up front and on the right I don't know.

Source: Watford Preview


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