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  2. Only an element of modern day Rovers lurking on social media can turn one win after losing 6 out of 7 into a pissing contest in favour of a manager. He's got better PR on the go than Kean i'll give him that.
  3. I was loving your post until the “proves we got players not the manager”. He played 2 strikers on the wing and a winger down middle, and it worked wonders! As I said earlier, Gallagher played out his skin. He doesn’t always do that, yet his position was the same. Our players need to up it, they can do it when they are on their game as today showed.
  4. I’d have Armstrong in the team but today forced Mowbray to try something else, it forced his hand to throw Dolan in and play Dack in behind. Why he’s been resistant to before I’m not sure. If we’d not had Armstrong I think we’d have less points but in this recent run I’m not sure if other options would have suited Dack and us better Mowbray has a goalscorer in Arma and one of the leagues brightest individual players in Dack, he has to find a way to get them firing together, and for me id like Dolan to be in the mix as well
  5. You made a strange choice if you're trying to understand football. Any team that Mowbray organises is not going to be much of an example to go by.
  6. Some positives from today: - We actually looked like a team - The players had a point to prove and did so (that there is life after Arma - and goals) - Dolan is full of confidence and suits a free role - The win and 3 very timely points - JRC being back - Dack looking far happier (penalty incident aside) - Gally looking far happier and getting the clichéd one off the backside (well, chest) - Today proves we have the players but not the manager Let’s try to settle a side now and get some points on the board to get some clear daylight away from relega
  7. I wouldn't say limited, he's just a bit one dimensional at the moment.
  8. You like giving money to your mum, don't you? 😉
  9. There was no pressure on the cross that Smith headed wide. Whoever was playing right back just waved a foot at it, that's not good enough. That left our centre halves at a disadvantage to Smith. I'd have backed him to put the header away.
  10. That part is easy---eventually an EV owner will be charged Xp per mile driven. The amount will be calculated to reach the amount all the taxes lost. That's inevitable. Still, if people use cars less that will be a good thing. Re recharging, that will be solved because the wealthy Londoner will demand it. Grid access under the pavement with ac outside every house I'd imagine. Vandals will have a field day though!
  11. What’s happening is that there is no concern from anyone at the club about relegation or the effects of it. The good ship Mowbray is headed for the rocks and the lookout is on a fag break. Nobody off the field fears for their position. Results don’t matter. On the field, players aren’t selected on merit or form but by some rotation policy that means even if you play well you could be on the bench next game. The owners don’t demand anything from the club, the manager or the board. Fans are a necessary evil. Apathy reigns.
  12. 100%. Also the pass in the build up to the red card v Preston and the lay off for the goal at Boro off the top of my head. Also hes put in a few brilliant passes across the face of goal that havent been attacked and has got players sent off.
  13. "I don't generally give special mentions to players but I think Tyrhys Dolan deserved one today. He was like a whirlwind. "I played centre-half and to think that kid would be chasing you down every time you had a touch - he was right in your face. It was an amazing performance from such a young guy." BBC Sport Mowbray's comment
  14. Yet who are 4 places above us in the table.....
  15. Armstrong does squander shots instead of passing at times. But of those, about half are ones that no other player in the team would carve out for themselves as consistently in the first place. Yes he needs to get smarter with the ball and stop trying to constantly score worldies (primarily cos it isn't working this season, with zero goals from outside the box I believe, whereas second half of last season he was rattling those in with impunity). But he is not the problem, nor even close to it.
  16. Such a harsh judgment of Armstrong. Yes he scored goals when we was steam rolling teams, how is that a negative? Maybe we steam rolled those teams because he was playing? Stats don’t lie, he shoots a lot! I think 50 more then anyone else in league, and yes he’s not best finisher, but he’s a very good player for us. Most recent I can think of is QPR he laid it on a plate for Elliott who skied it from 6 yards. Dolan was superb today, he’s not better then Armstrong.
  17. It would help if the pool of young cricketers was larger. When do you see young lads playing cricket in the streets unless they're Asian? I always thought young Asians would come through to play for England one day but it doesn't seem to be happening on any scale. How many non-fee paying schools have cricket pitches these days!
  18. The 3 of them wouldn't have had to make up for his 19 goal tally. We could have won more games by scoring less goals. A lot of tight games where Armstrong was extremely greedy. At the start,he scored a good few in games we hammered the opposition. Ultimately a 1-0 would do the same job. Over a full season the 3 of them probably could have gotten 19 though. Dack got 18 by himself last season. Gallagher scored 12 in a poor team playing centre forward. Dolan has 3 this season and he has barely played. As for suiters, well let's just see. As you say yourself when it suits, we don't know
  19. His end product is still poor, but he was a nightmare for Millwall today. Never stopped harrying their back line when out of possession and never shied away from receiving the ball when we had it. He made the wrong decision a fair few times with the ball today (head down, mainly), but I'd be fine with him playing that role again on Tuesday.
  20. By 'individualist' you mean a hugely limited player, right? The free role he's been granted by Mowbray has led to a lot of goals, but that's the only way he's contributing to the team. He was shown up today by an 18 year old winger who was thrown upfront - Dolan linked up more play in 90 minutes than Armstrong has all season.
  21. Know what you mean, but what I love about Dolan is how well he does a simple pass and keeps the ball. I think his final killer ball/finish will only get better as he gets older and more confident. Great work rate too
  22. I've always thought Dolan was an exciting young player, he just hasn't been given a run in the team. Only 19, I hope he's given the opportunity to build on it.
  23. I agree with TS... a Rovers win is a big event to me, worth getting excited about. Besides, we have a great, young nucleus of players... the right manager would love this team. Lots of promise for the future!
  24. Today
  25. Jury is still out on Dolan for me. Apart from his bright start he's had little impact and struggles with his end product. But happy to be proven wrong, and the from little I saw of him today he looked very sharp.
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