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  2. To be fair, Mowbray has also regularly praise his talent throughout his time here. He said a few times that he has the individual talent to match anyone in the division with one specific comparison to Benrahma. Every week he mentions how good he is to watch taking players on. I very much doubt that Rothwell has picked up that article this morning, taken that quote which is out of context and got angry. No doubt they regularly speak in general, Mowbray has also regularly said that Rothwell needs to do more, score more and create more which is right. He is right that he needs to improve off the ball, he also mentioned that he has not really played in the position he has been as much and playing a third man in there actually is trying to help him with that weakness. To suggest that he has said that Rothwell isnt very good is beyond out of context. I totally understand that people are fed up with Mowbray still being here, I am too but I find this recent habit of people critically analysing every word of every press conference often out of context to be unfair.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't we about 7th in the prem when they sacked Sam. What growth was expected after that? I was rather enjoying beating the "big clubs" every now and again and remaining in the prem.
  4. Is that true? Genuine question - I can't seem to find anything to suggest he's actually ever played right back.
  5. I told one of our staff today that she needs to make more notes in meetings as she forgets some of the things she has to do. I didn't post it on our social media accounts though.
  6. Did you believe Maggott about the training ground 'project' too?
  7. I should also said that I believe that the full back position you should have natural right footed at right back and left footed at left back.
  8. Pickering played right back a number of times for Crewe last season
  9. I don't see it criticise either but saying that he is improving game by game. Mowbray and Waggott have both told the local media thats the players have been offered new improve contracts. If this was untrue then I am sure the players and their agents would find a way to leak it thats these claims were false. Plenty of media outlets out there to leak it. If you wish to go down this road of not believing them then thats down to you JH.
  10. Didn't realise Gary had been making making topical references last Monday on Sky. Not quite sure what the weasel has to do with Man Utd's current shambles. Maybe Gary should get on the phone and see if Steve's free to come replace Ole. He does have a history of winning at OT, not sure if that was ever mentioned.
  11. Rovers were bland and chances were scarce until the forced changes. If that's his Plan A then God help us.
  12. It's like a footballer's signing-on fee. Money for nothing
  13. Rothwell's not without one or two flaws but if he was absolutely perfect , he wouldn't be at Blackburn Rovers at this precise point in time. Any other manager would be saying something like "Joe has qualities that no other player at the Club can bring us therefore we're really keen to persuade him to commit his future to us". But no, he knows he's completely messed up the contract situation so it's a face/arse covering exercise "I never rated him that much anyway". Which may actually be true as he seems incapable of leaving him on the pitch for 90 mins whereas I think he'd leave Gallagher on if he was missing a limb.
  14. How do you know this? Do you know the players or their agents? Or are you relying on what Maggott and Mowbray have been saying? Maybe Rothwell will go to Rangers, maybe he won't. Not sure what that has to do with what I am saying. Of course if we can't be bothered getting his contract sorted or have mucked him around then he will look elsewhere.
  15. Today
  16. It's one thing Mowbray talking and coaching players behind the scenes in order to improve them. That's his job, after all. It's something completely different to then criticise them in public.
  17. One for the older Rovers fans - Stoke City v Blackburn Rovers FA Cup 1961-2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ozjp18be1us
  18. I remember that skip SG, they dumped loads of copies, probably where it belong to be honest.
  19. Don't be fooled by the forked tongue comments of Mowbray and Waggott. They now seem to be insinuating that the contract situation is the owners' fault because there's a wage cap in place. I'm sure that's news to the likes of Ayala and Gallagher Mowbray essentially admitted the contract problem was of his own making because he didn't want to offer the players in question improved deals in the midst of a pandemic and potentially upset the rest of the squad. Well boo hoo, better players earn more than ones that aren't as good. It's the manager's job to look after the interests and future of the Club by securing it's major assets, not worrying about pandering to and upsetting the feelings of the less important players who if they didn't like it should have been told they were welcome to look elsewhere. I suspect Waggott and Mowbray have now been instructed to sort the contracts out to avoid tens of millions of pounds of talent walking out of the door for nothing but that the stable door has already firmly bolted and Waggott and Mowbray have damaged the relationships with said players beyond repair. As for your final paragraph, £10k p.w. (if that's correct) for Poveda to sit on the bench is hardly "nothing" or "next to nothing" is it? Hundreds of thousands of pounds more wasted that could have gone towards improved contract offers. And, the money was there to bring in Obafemi or Maja had they wanted to come or not failed a medical respectively.
  20. I'm with TS on this ojf, those Aussie bowlers will rip through our top order in no time, in nick or not. I hope I'm wrong, I'd have put my house on India beat Pakistan yesterday, so it has been know 😃
  21. I don't see why Edun/Pickering/Nyame couldn't swap sides at a push. The principles of full back play are surely the same, irrespective of which side of the pitch is being defended. Argubly easier to do this, than ask a centre half to play at full back.
  22. OK, I was wrong, but it was only an opinion.
  23. So are you saying that Edun or Pickering could not play right-back.
  24. Carter can play right back. Nyambe is a right back not a left back. Pickering is left back but not a right back. Simple as
  25. I think it is more of a case that Carter has covered at full-back, not that he is a full-back. Edun, Pickering and Nyambe are full-backs.
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