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  2. Come on Johnno, do you moan to Mogadon like this when your slice of lemon drizzle is a bit smaller than Buckos?
  3. I know you're excited, but even a quick scan of that link suggests that the second part of your summary is incorrect.
  4. You are wrong on this point cos I mention Reach as potential signing in this thread back on the 14th March Apologise?
  5. Sir Keir Starmer slumps 17 points behind PM in new poll - and a third of Labour voters want him https://news.sky.com/story/amp/starmer-slumps-17-points-behind-pm-in-new-poll-and-a-third-of-labour-voters-want-him-to-quit-12307527
  6. Today
  7. Wondered where I'd fit this in. Kean-managed Melbourne Victory lost 3-1 at home to MacArthur in the A League a few days ago. Scorer of 2 of their goals----MATTY DERBYSHIRE!!! Scum 1 Rovers 3!
  8. You were right with the first post. You and I may see his opinion as drivel, but he's entitled to it.
  9. Johnson always give me the impression he could have a good gamse if he felt like it. Either that or past injuries/age have caught up with him. It occurs to me that TM realises he can't rely entirely on new young players next season and that they'll need help from the more experienced. Johnson shouldn't be one of them though.
  10. You should be banned for this. Has to be taking the piss.
  11. Johnson is at most a squad player and Bennett hasnt been competent even as a squad player since promotion. Nothing about that is sensible.
  12. Not sure what he's going to concentrate on. He said defenders were coming years ago then just scrabbled about for a couple of loans. Next he decided to change to possession football which was obviously partly to help our soft defense. Keep the ball off the opposition and we won't concede as many. Well it didn't work because we couldn't win in the main and still let in poor goals. So what he's going to try now god only knows. What we do know though is it'll be over complicated and still blighted by too many changes and rotations. That's a given with his management. So, THE only sta
  13. It’s true that stats don’t lie, our problem has been scoring goals and letting in soft goals. That is where Mowbray should concentrate. Johnson as a starter and Bennett as backup is sensible. What ever funds we have after the lunes has taken their cut should be concentrated on those areas.
  14. Well they don't tell the truth do they really ? How do you explain constant 60/70% possession stats but losing more than we win ? And if we are talking stats lets drag up Jason Lowe, certain good stats every week. Coinciding with being the worst player most weeks, running around a lot, touching the ball a lot doesn't make you a good player pal. It's all about what you do with it.
  15. Probably not much more than you, how much do you make? Like I said stats do lie.
  16. He first started whining and whinging about it during another mid season death spiral a year or two ago. Along with saying how hard work it was and how he struggled with leaving players out after they'd trained hard all week. Only ever starts this crap when he comes under scrutiny for poor form, sob story for everything he has.
  17. Not enough people pointing out the parallels between Leicester City 2016-21 and us between the Premier League and League Cup win. Both underdog teams with owners who gave a shit who bested the supposed superior teams against the odds.
  18. How from that post smart arse do you deduct i didn't like him from the off ? My perception of the guy comes from watching him play i don't need dressed up sums to decide if hes been any good or not. Like i said handy player but not enough left in the tank to be a mainstay in the team. And the slow pace possession game doesn't suit him, fans concerns stem from being caught in two minds in too often in dangerous situations. On your day you're a good player though Jonno, come on how much are you on then ?
  19. I don't think it was Mike, never mentioned by Waggott. Plus, maybe more tellingly, it was exactly the same modus operandi at Coventry. Reasonably detailed plans for a housing development and promises of a new training ground but absolutely no detail thereof. In fact at Coventry they didn't even have a site to build a new training ground on which was the reason why Sport England blocked it. I think I'm correct in saying they then tried to wangle it through for a second time by acquiring an OPTION to purchase some land as opposed to the land itself but were blocked for a second time by
  20. His inability to organise a team to win games of football.
  21. Yes, a typical Mowbray style signing, a nice lad who won’t make any waves.
  22. I respectfully disagree. Whilst he may not mention being away from his family every week, his overall demeanour is that of someone who finds managing the Club an absolute chore. When we started playing again after the first lockdown he made it pretty obvious he thought we shouldn't be playing at all and that therefore he wanted paying for doing nothing. At that time when the season started we were in an outside chance of the play offs but tailed off dramatically. Unsurprising given the manager's lack of enthusiasm. This season he has mentioned being away from his family on several oc
  23. Look at Johnson’s stats. Number 1 for distant covered and pass completions. Facts don’t lie, you need to revaluate your perception of the guy. You obviously didn’t like him from the offset.
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