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  2. We renewed but only 3 out of the 4 tickets due to them now wanting for us to pay for my 5 year old daughter when previously under 8’s were free In fairness she didn’t go much but was hoping to get her on a few times but can’t be sure of it Are we saying everyone gets a paper ticket for this week or just those that needed a new card?
  3. Bottom by September. Venky idiots thinking of a sacking then a lucky win against Luton, change of heart. Down next year. I will definitely lose interest this year. Shame after so many years. I even kept interest when Snakehead was in charge
  4. Most of the comments are pretty fair really. You’ll always get the odd knobhead.
  5. ------------------Kaminski Nyambe--Ayala--Lenihan--Pickering ------Buckley--Travis--Rothwell -----Gallagher--Arma--Diaz That's what I think will start. 1-2 defeat. Don't think we've ever won an opening game under Venky's? Also Swansea will probably have the new manager bounce. Diaz to score.
  6. I'm sure Bentley used to cover that lot for the Lancashire Telegraph before he got the job with them.
  7. They have got a manager.Russell Martin was appointed on Sunday.
  8. Ewood.. Fat lady to sing soon? - (uptheclarets.com) Our 'friends ' down the M65 take on things all Ewood
  9. Today
  10. Ah. A paper ticket has just arrived with apologies for the plastic card season ticket which, they assure me, will arrive before the next home game.
  11. Agree with the team selection but think we will lose 3-2. I have no idea what the crowd will be but doubt it will hit five figures.
  12. Is the team selection, what people want to see, or what people think Mowbray will pick ?
  13. 1. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Carter Pickering Travis Rothwell Buckley Brereton Díaz Armstrong Gallagher 2. Rovers 2-1 Swans 3. 11,057
  14. Seems like it’s not just Rovers this is happening ....
  15. I've renewed but changed seats to the one next to my previous seat. They said they'd send a new season ticket. I'm still waiting.
  16. Kaminski Nyambe Carter Lenihan Pickering Travis Buckley Rothwell Dolan Armstrong Brereton 3-1 Rovers. Great time to play Swansea - missed out in play-offs, no manager, Covid hit and, sadly, a win will buy Mowbray even more time (IMO, he's a bit of a lucky b@st@rd). Attendance - 7,300 which miraculously I think Rovers will announce as 11,100 !
  17. 2-1 Swansea Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Carter Pickering Travis Buckley Rothwell Dolan Armstrong Diaz 8127 attendance
  18. Simon Cooper said on twitter he's also moved for family reasons
  19. I’m gunna be optimistic and say we start with a 1-1 draw. 8,845 (800 swans)
  20. And it's never amazed myself how quick you jump to a conspiracy theory about everything. Barr left for promotion job wise. His Rovers salary was near 1.5k a week here. Chris Rush left for family reasons I'm.sure Simon Copper will lay out his reasons for leaving.
  21. My team would be Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Carter Pickering Travis Buckley Rothwell Dolan Armstrong Brereton Rovers to win 2 nil. Brereton and Dolan to score
  22. Think we might pull a surprise win here i think the young players will be really up for this. I expect a few decent results early doors before reality and the muddled methods take over again. Rovers 2 Swans 1 9,300 ish depending if Swansea have a decent turnout.
  23. Charlie Weston is certainly one to watch. Mentioned many a pages ago for his captaincy of his age group for England at national level. Very well thought of.
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