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Fans Reaction To Yorke Incident


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Blackburn Rovers fans abhor racism in any form and if the alleged incident is proven to be racist all Rovers fans would support any action the club feel necessary in relation to the perpetrators.

As ordinary fans we feel the media are presenting a sensationalised view of the incident. While none of us can provide an accurate, detailed account of the incident none of the 3000 plus fans whom are members of BRFCS.com have reported hearing or seeing any racist abuse taking place during the game. It is true Dwight Yorke was loudly booed from all sections of the ground, this abuse was very accurately summed up by David Sullivan of Birmingham City who said it was directed at his apparent lazy attitude while at Ewood Park as a player.

Many of us saw two fans gesticulating at Yorke who then confronted those fans. Stewards ejected one fan from the stadium. The person ejected from the stadium was wearing a football scarf from another club and may not even be associated with Blackburn Rovers.

We should like to praise Karen Brady and David Sullivan for their measured responses to this incident, these are in direct contrast to the reaction of their manager Steve Bruce. Remarks made by Steve Bruce, who was at least half the pitch length from the incident, are factually incorrect; for example Dwight Yorke was not at Blackburn Rovers when we won the Worthington Cup.

We should like to remark that Blackburn Rovers acted to eject the individual concerned within a matter of moments; clearly demonstrating the club were in control of the situation and not prepared to tolerate any serious form of misbehaviour.

As Rovers fans we know that racism has no place in football. As individuals we do not tolerate such behaviour and are 100% behind the club in its many efforts to widen the supporter base to include Blackburn's large Asian community.

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