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[Archived] New signings

Which position should be first priority for January signings?  

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  1. 1. Which position should be first priority for January signings?

    • Right back
    • Left back
    • Centre half
    • Defensive midfield
    • Attacking midfield
    • Striker

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OK - maybe this could go in the Transfer Topic thread, although that does tend to focus more on names of players we may / may not be interested in.

January is coming as we're all aware, just after Christmas I believe, which means the transfer window opens. Over the last few weeks I've changed my mind on numerous occasions as to which position(s) we should strengthen first. First of all a defensive midfielder, but then we looked well at Fulham. Then of course the right back position, only for Neill to play OK against Spurs. Then there's the two centre halve positions. We also seem to need a quality striker. We also have a "job lot" of left backs (Thank you allan) with not one showing any real quality IMO. I could go on about more or less every position. Friedel looks OK though.

Basically, what I'm saying is that the priority seems to change from game to game. It's a sad reflection on the state of our team you could say, well I could, and just have.

So - my question is this. If you're Mark Hughes and you're able to make just two signings (let's presume we're skint - I have no idea) which two positions would you strengthen? No names please, that can go elsewhere.

Maybe we could run a poll?

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Tough one.

If I could only buy two players I would be very disappointed. But I'd probably have to focus on central defender and a striker. I believe Dickov and Gally had one shot on target each against Spurs, and Bothroyd none. We only really have one class striker and he's way off form and too young to rely on. Can you guess who I'm referring to?

If I was lucky enough to be allowed two more signings they would have to be central midfield partner for Ferguson and backup/competition for Lucas Neill.

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1 Ball-winning defensive midfielder (allowing Bazza and Thommo to get forward, be more creative and maybe get more goals from midfield).

2 We could do with a new player in each area of defence: backup for Lucas; a new left-back (unlikely given how long we've been trying to get the right man for the job); and a new central defender just to make sure Amo is far enough down the pecking order for him not to get another chance. Erm, I'll pick left-back, but only if we can finally find one of the required quality

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DMC: Savage or try getting Parker on loan

DC: Gabbidon/Henchoz

DL: Loan deal for W.Bridge or Babayaro

SC: Loan deal for Saha

All very simple! You know it makes sense Hughes, so I give you this list free of charge... dry.gif

Any chance someone knows JW's e-mail address? rover.gif

Btw, why does everyone want a new rightback? Lucas aint that poor, and we have far more problems on the left back imo...

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ohmy.gif This is really hard after Spurs, when we could have changed at least 8 of them

On the one hand we all want to watch exciting players so its got to be a striker who scores and an attacking midfield player

But on the other hand you don't win anything unless you can defend !!!!!! So a defensive midfield player and a quick, mobile cetre half would be top of the list.

If I stick with only two its got to be the defensive midfielder to break things up and the attacking midfielder to get 8-10 goals a season

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I really feel that DM and CB are the only areas where we can be certain of getting better quality than we already have. Plus a good central midfielder would revolutionise the team, allowing Ferguson to get forward and providng our much mialigned defence with some cover (Browns run a good example of where this was lacking).

So on that note- a decent DM: Sean Davis or Parker on loan, or someone like those players. Perhaps living in dream world, but Im more concerned by the type of player than the actual individual.

CB: Really dont know but someone like a younger version of Short but quicker.

And, although I doubt we will have the cash, a RB to back up for Niell. If we rely on Reid there we could be very defensively shakey.

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Of all teams that get relegated one of the biggest factors against them is their lack of a goalscorer.

This to me is a priority - the probblem we have is can we get one?

As also mentioned you also need to be able to defend and we need a leader at the back who is also commanding and can organise.

Therefore IMO priority must be a striker and a CB - the other positions we have enough players capable of covering for us to ensure we are not relegated and see us through to the end of season when we can start to strenghthen these other areas if these are not possible in January.

As I have said before, you are more than likely to win a game by trying to score rather than trying to and pinch a win/draw on a counter attack by playing defensive.

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we need a centre back a defensive midfielder and a 15 goal striker.

but we can only afford the first two. Henchoz and Gabbidon would be good and I think Savage would be a blinding signing but I can't belive Bruce is silly enough to sell him (although he did buy heskey, gronkjaer and yorke so...)

with a decent defensive base then maybe our midfield will start chipping in with more goals, can't see any of our strikers getting into double figures this season.

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The defence, while certainly not being the best, is performing better because of the improved fitness of the whole squad.

Bothroyd, Jansen, Gally, Stead or Dickov haven't proved that they will score enough goals to keep us up. So, to me, it's vital that we find someone who is going to score 10 goals or more between Jan/May.

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Has Hartson signed a new deal at Celtic? 15 goals this season in the SPL, 4 more than the next highest scorer. Strength and power upfront and the ability to score plenty of goals. If we could get him then that would be an amazing signing.

Personally I think it's a matter of finding the right combination upfront and while Dickov has been our best performing striker, I just do not think he works well enough with our other strikers.

I'd much rather us bring in a new central midfielder as a priority and as a luxury a right back, centre back and striker.

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Strikers who can score 10-15 goals are what keep teams up, generally speaking. Crystal Palace would have 6 points less and only scored 8 goals if it wasn't for Andy Johnson. A striker should therefore be our priority in the transfer window, in my opinion.

Following that, a commanding centre-half wouldn't go amiss.

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Will we have to ship out before we bring in?

We need a pacy centre half first, shore up the back line and make us more solid going forward. I like Amoruso but he has no pace and I doubt he is a player Hughes is fond of.

A striker is also needed, Dockov doesn't have it and the youngsters playing alongside him, whoever that may be, don't have the experience to lead the line at Premiership level. Most people agree that Stead did so well because Cole was taking the majority of the flak whilst telling the young lad what to do. Dickov can't do that as he doesn't have Cole's talent.

Defensive mid would be third, I think if we can be more solid at the back it will take some pressure off the need for a growler.

As for players.

The Gabbidon rumours still go around, but is he good enough? We need speed foremost, Henchoz isn't that quick, but he can read the game, has bags of experience and will be a cheaper option than a purchase.

Saha is certain to go, either on loan or permanently. He can't compete at United with Van Horse, Smith and Rooney ahead of him. Even with Van Nistelrooy out, they can play Smith alone, with an extra midfielder enabling Scholes to score plenty. I read that PSG were after him. He would cost a fortune, but he's fast and can score, would be good for us.

Defensive mid; Savage is still bleating, but do we want the most hated player in the league, we already have a bad name in the press from our "moneybags" days, would he help?

Random players. Would Chelsea let anyone go, and if so would they come north? Hughes played for them, does he have any pull?

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I put defensive midfield put in truth we really need a few signings.

A lot of the goals we concede come when our defence is actually playing rather well - Brum being an example. Alright, McEveley was badly exposed for two of the goals, but the midfield did littel to stop the ball getting into offensive positions. A new centre half would be a bonus though. I actually rate all of our strikers individually, but I just don't see them having enough goals between them. And Neill really needs some competition at right back.


Defensive midfield

Centre back


Right back

There's no way we can affored four new players (of the right quality) so Sparky is going to have to pick and choose.

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