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[Archived] Rovers 1 Charlton 0

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With the amount of games over the Christmas Period, including 2 games in 3 days twice there was bound to be a hiccup somewhere along the line and we saw that at Villa Park where we were defeated 1-0. That aside I do feel we have put in some good perfomances and got some much needed points on the board.

With both teams being beaten on the last outing, they will want to bounce back with a win and both will be confident of doing that.

Another 3 points for Rovers will mean we have gained 7 points out of a possible 12 over the xmas period with only 4 defeats since the last time we played Charlton at the end of September. A lot of those games have obviously been draws and we need to be looking to turn those into victories to enable safety as soon as possible.

I throw it open to the floor...!

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Charlton did the double over us last season and I fear they are going to do it again. Prior to their defeat to Arsenal, they had won four on the bounce. I think they will have too much quality for us and our mis-firing front line will not find a way through often enough.

Rovers 1 Charlton 3 and back in the mire.

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I predict a goal fest with two knackered teams commiting a string of basic errors leading to some comical defending and slapstick, Harold Lloyd style marking, featuring Ben Turpin goalkeeping mistakes.

0-0, and it flatters Charlton.

Do the players get double time for working a bank holiday?

And do I win £5?

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I wanna see Johnson play. Basicly because Stead isn't up to it atm, and with Matty and Bothroyd out he should at least get a place on the bench. Oh, and start MGP. One of Reid/Emerton should get a rest, and MGP does have the raw skill, we know that. He should be ready for the first team now as well as he's been on the bench for most games. I know he remained there for 90 minutes, but no manager puts a player who he doesn't consider good enough on the bench. At least not when there are other options.

Oh, and I do think we'll win. Charlton aren't a great team on paper, and while Curbishley makes a difference and lifts them up a level or two, I think we should take it.

1-0 Rovers.

N-E Johansson (He's got to score sooner or later smile.gif I believe he's headed the ball onto the bar three times this season, at least):

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I'd also like Gally , McEverley and maybe Thompson to start . Teams like Charlton will always battle as hard as us ; maybe we can overcome them by bringing our more skilful type in to the game and try and keep possession of the ball - preferably on the ground . Maybe...

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Apart from the top few sides the Premiership is very closely balanced.

Go on a good run and people start talking about Europe. Go on a bad run and they talk about relegation.

I think Charlton typify the 'average' side in the Premiership. They work hard and are organised, but they don't have much in the way of quality. They'll have good runs and patches of bad form too. They're emminently beatable and we should be looking to beat sides like them at Ewood.

An early goal would be great and if we get it I think we might even get a comfortable win (apart from the traditional last 10 mins back to the wall defending!) The longer it takes for us to score the more likely we might get hit with a sucker punch and the more nervous everyone in the ground will become, including the players.

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Hughes has a dilemma - make some changes to freshen things up OR retain the team that performed so well against Newcastle and Bolton?

And so badly against Villa? mad.gif

I was very cross about that game. Tired my posterior. They aren't paid to be tired.

Not looking forward to this game for the first time in ages.

1-0 to Charlton

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I am definately in the bring a few of the rested players in camp:

Thompson, Gallagher, Pedersen, Tugay (is he fit?) should all get a look in even if just from the bench.

Thompson and Gallaghers ability to run and run should see them start in place of Stead and one of Reid/Emerton. Also, If there was ever a time to give MGP a crack, this is it.

My crazy team

                  Dickov  Gallagher

Pedersen  Ferguson  Flitcroft    Thompson

  Matteo?    Todd  Johansson    Niell



Bench: McEverley, two of Emerton/ Reid/Tugay, Stead/Bothroyd, Enckleman

I realise this is a bit extreme and I am not suggestung it should stay this way- our midfield has been performing very well- but we have a huge squad so we should try and use it to our advantage in games like this.

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I think they will have too much quality for us and our mis-firing front line will not find a way through often enough.

...and it'll call for some serious thought as to what Rovers need to do in the transfer market this month to keep us in the Premiership.

2-0 to the Addicks.

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