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[Archived] 5 Favourite Teams

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I'm sure this must have been done before, but I'm bored. biggrin.gif

Apart from Blackburn, who are the top 5 teams you want to do well, and why?

1. Plymouth Argyle (I live down here now so they're my local.)

2. Blackpool (Colin Hendry, and stories my dad told me of Stanley Matthews)

3. Yeovil Town (Small club doing well)

4. Hibs (Good youth system, inconsistent league finishes - Blackburn of Scotland, surely)

5. Sheffield Wednesday (Ex Plymouth Manager Sturrock is there now, and it's good to see him do well.)

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Irrelevant - been through this before - not interested in other teams - there is no such thing as having another favourite unless you are a prawn sandwich brigader, not really interested in Football or it has Blackburn Rovers in it

Fair enough to like other teams to do well but please don't say favourite

Not having a go RIB its just what is it all about ' I support x/y/ z@'? withstupid.gif

Sorry , but its just something that really irks me.

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Same here, I have absolutely no affection for any other side apart from Rovers. I dont even like watching England unless its a major tournament or one of our players is playing.

I am actually disappointed on a seasonal basis that more clubs dont get relegated than do...in fact the year we won the league it was unfortunate that all the sides who finished below us didnt go down! tongue.gif

I suppose at a push the legendary Brazil side of the 70's was quite good...no, sorry I cant do this...they were crap as well...its Rovers or nothing for me.

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1) Hibs (my dad is from Edinburgh)

2) Fiorentina (picked pretty much at random back when Serie A used to be on C4, always kept an eye out for them ever since)

3) Valencia (same reason as 2, just a random team that allows me to watch Primera Liga with some sort of interest)

4) Boca Juniors (the entire Boca / River thing - got to side with the working class club)

5) Accrington Stanley - local and no immediate threat to Rovers

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Clitheroe FC (grew up their)

Accy Stanley (born their)

R.O.I (got some blood)

Luton (Newell)

Blackpool (Hendry)

I think its reasonable to have a mild affection for other clubs RIB. Can't but admire the wasy the gunners knock it about either (BUT i dont like em!), and if duff scores for chelsea im always chuffed (BUT dont like em)

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I think it's different if your not local. I've never lived in Blackburn so there are definately teams that I have affection for but it's not the same thing as being a fan.

Supporting Rovers means spending a feckin fortune on match tickets and travel and more importantly all those hours spent travelling, staying up till 1.30am to see the 30secs of Rovers on MotD and writing on this MB when I should be working.

So its not the same thing but if you love the game of football you can have favourites amongst other teams. I certainly like the following:

Citeh - I'm from Manchester originally but brought up amongst Cockney Reds as the saying goes - 'My enemies enemy is my friend'

Brentford - Probably go to about a dozen games a season cos they are my local team (apart from Fulham and Chelsea) particularly fun when I coud cheer Big Ben Burgess

Barcelona - Lived there for a bit and they are such a great club, can't wait for them to stuff Chelsea.

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Rovers first, the rest nearly nowhere.

However, I always like to see the small Lancashire clubs do well (except that lot we are playing on Sunday) and equally I enjoy following English club sides in Europe (even the Mancs).

From time-to-time a team plays truly outstanding football or has an outstanding player and I will go out of my way to watch them- the WBA side in the late '70s with Junky Johnstone was invariably great entertainment. Stoke were worth watching for Hudson and Sheff U for Curry and that little Argentine.

In recent seasons, I'll admit to making a point of watching Arsenal if the Rovers are not being covered.

Once over, I had a sneaking regard for Oxford following their 3-1 shock victory in the FA Cup over us but that disappeared when the Oxford fans unfurled a swastika flag on the Darwen End railings.

Outside of England, I have always looked for Stranraers's results and had a soft spot for Dufermline Athplastic. Fiorentina and Inter (through friends) in Italy, Hanover (another mate) in Germany, Grasshoppers (Rovers' colours) in Switzerland.

Of course there are clubs I detest. Wigan come into that category, Newcastle were a pet dislike long before Souness went there, used to be Hearts in Scotland but the one I now fervently wish nothing but ill-will on now is Rangers.

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Wednesday because my dad supports them, but always rovers if Wednesday were in the prem or met them in cup- like the league cup on the way to cardiff!

Hearts in Scotland because they are my cousin's team and i am at uni in edinburgh. I cannot stand the old firm.

Apart from that no one really. I always go for the smaller team if I am watching a game. I have a maissve antipathy for 'big' clubs who essentially bully teams with their financial clout.

What I do like to see is clubs exceed themselves in terms of their relative financial position and play decent football. On that basis I had a soft spot for Arsenal in the early Wenger years but since they have been throwing money around I have lost that.

The bottom line however is that Rovers are the only club I feel attached to, the only club I support.

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I was gonna list 5, but then realised I didn't have five. I tend to watch out for teams results such as Blackpool and Luton cause of the ex-Rovers links. I also like to see Stanley doing well and Dumbarton because thats where my dad was born.

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1. Bedford Town (local team from home, in the unibond league)

2. Luton Town (nearest decent team to me + also newell connection)

3. Manchester City (Nearest team to me at the mo - im not going to support the scummers)

4. Peterbrough United (if only for Barry Fry)

5. Stockport County (only out of pity - how carlton palmer has helped)

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Not favourites, but teams I like to see doing well:

- Accrington (lived there for a short while)

- Blackpool (must be because they're in Lancashire, started when Tony Diamond went there)

- Whoever's playing Burnley

- Whoever's playing Rangers

- Keep an eye out for teams local to where I live at the time, eg Margate. Like to see Shepshed Dynamo lose though - had to live in Shepshed for a while - it's worse than Burnley!

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in no particular order, i like to watch these teams:

celtic (not sure why, just always thought they were cool)

fc dallas (home team... i feel better cheering for them under the new name than i did with the name "dallas burn")

team usa (do national teams count?)

fulham (a couple americans, and andy cole)

hearts of midlothian (i grew up near a small town in texas called midlothian, so i always thought it was funny when i heard about hearts)

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1: Millwall - First ever football game I seen on TV involved Millwall at Cold Blow Lane. That is what got me hooked on football.

2: Celtic

3: Reggina (Hate the big teams)

4: Nantes

5: Anderlecht

Obviously Rovers is my love.. but I always support these teams no matter what.

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In no particular order, I have some sort of very mild affection for the following clubs:

- Fiorentina (I picked them randomly when I used to watch the Serie A highlights a decade ago)

- Barcelona (the opposite of Real Madrid)

- Bolton (I am re-thinking this after Diouf and Allardyce's despicable behaviour and comments respectively)

- Arsenal (liked watching them for years, especially recently, due to their attractive football, and also for being the lesser of two, now three, evils)

And lastly, I feel a little more affection than the others for South Melbourne, my "local" club.

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- Blackpool (must be because they're in Lancashire, started when Tony Diamond went there)

Ooh I remember that day well. Starting on The Pleasure Beach oh how we laughed, and if I remember right you got scared and held my hand. Then onto dinner at Harry Ramsden's.... wait a minute huh.gif ... I think I may have got the wrong person ph34r.gif

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Lancaster City (home town)

Hamilton Academicals (because of why they formed)

Barnsley (mates, but only when they're not in our division)

RSC Anderlecht (used to live there)

Blackpool (Hendry)

and I hate both Glasgow Rangers and Celtic - nowt to do with Ferguson - I just am fed up with all their oversold "big league, big club, we could cut it in the premier" hype - small league in Scotland, you're from a small league in Scotland... I hope passionately for the day when Hearts and Hibs overtake them both. The good guys will win in the end, even if it takes 100 years.

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New England Revolution - Home team

Other clubs who's results I always keep an eye out for:

Reading - Hanehmann and Convey, plus the fact that they are somewhat of an underdog club.

Ajax - John O'Brien

Hannover - Cherundolo and formerly Mathis

Lyon - My wife's last name is Lyons (stupid reason, I know)

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