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[Archived] Sixth Round Draw


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FA Cup sixth round numbers:

1 Bolton Wanderers

2 Tottenham Hotspur or Nottingham Forest

3 Manchester United

4 Leicester City

5 Burnley or Blackburn Rovers

6 Southampton or Brentford

7 Newcastle United

8 Arsenal or Sheffield United

Being drawn against number 4 or 6 home or away would be the best opportunity for a semi-final appearance. 8 would be a chance to repay recent QF defeats whoever wins their replay. 7 at Ewood would be a chance to set one or two matters straight.

Don't fancy drawing the Wanderers just yet but it would be a chance to get at Spit the Dive.

Would prefer someone else to get the opportunity of knocking out the Mancs.

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I don't mind who we get, just as long as we avoid Arsenal and Man United.

Anyone else, if we play to our strengths we have a good chance of winning. But we must perform a lot better than yesterday to have a chance of progressing.

I'd like a tie at Ewood with a good attendance surely?

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Agree with Alan and Flopsy, it's Newcastle for sure!

Souness' black and white thugs!

how are they thugs?

Bridge was tackled in a fair but firm way. duff injured himself as did Gallas. Theres only Bowyer whos dodgy at Toon at the mo (other than Robert - i Hope Neill kicks him into the Riverside this time. (if we get them that is))

Worse case scenario (other than losing to the dingles) is that we get Arsenal or Man U away from home

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