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[Archived] Most Hated People In Football

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everyone has people in football that they hate.

my top five in no particular order are

1. Gerard Houlier...crap manager destroyed liverpool thinks hes allways right and well grrrr mad.gifmad.gifmad.gif

2. El Hadi Diouf...imature cheatin spittin diving b******

3. Luis Boa Morte...same minus the spitting.

4. Mark Laurenson...what a muppet

5. Van Nistelrooy (cant spell)...had to have someone from Manure and well he is a bit of an over rated donkey

who are your most hated people in football???

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1. Steve Bruce (traitorous prick)

2. Graeme Souness (WTF!)

3. Nicky Hunt (diving @#/? - once saw him dive over the physio administering treatment to another player)

4. El Hadj Diouf (spitting and diving @#/?)

5. Robert Pires (diving/falling over @#/?)

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5. Van Nistelrooy (cant spell)...

Actually, you got that right. thumbs-up.gif

I like this topic:


Dennis Wise

Boa Morte

Craig Bellamy (or really any of the Newcastle brat pack)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Rodney "Complete @#/?" Marsh

and yes I would have said Savage before he signed for Rovers.

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1 Alex Fergusson

2 G Souness

3 Gold (Brum)

4 E H Diouff

5 Quite a few referees and linesmen who have various ailments such as one eyed vision, colour blindness, attention deficit disorders and delusions of being infallible. You know who they are.


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Have to say that Steve Bruce is rocketing up the whingeing hypocrite charts at a fair pace, but what gets my goat is the crap football journalists who never get out of the home counties (and thats most of them) who constantly re-hash each other's ill-informed and out of date bo***cks about Rovers buying the title, Tottingham being a big club, Man U, Arse & Chelski having a devine right to play beautiful football...oh don't get me started mad.gif

That Eamonn Holmes is a wa**er also but I wouldn't want to flatter him by describing him as being 'in football' he'd love that. And as for that smug git Lynham aaaarrrgghhhh! mad.gifmad.gif

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1. Alex "untouchable" Ferguson.

2. Roy "the henchman" Keane.

3. Rodney "mouth opens, effulent flows" Marsh.

4. Michael "too bloomin nice by half(you know hes probably into whips n chains, dungeons n needles in private)" Owen

5. David "can take a freekick but naff all else" Beckham

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1. Gary Lineker - I want to beat Burnley, STUFF Leicester, win the FA Cup and bash him with it shouting "Blackburn Rovers is better than you".

2. The Opticians who test the eyes of the Premier League Referees.

3. Bolton Wanderers for boring the pants off me every time I watch them and how the (rude word I am not allowed to use) are they doing so well?

I don't like the club, don't like the stadium, don't like the manager and don't like the players.

4. All Rovers "players" who have let down the club by not giving the 100 per cent effort we deserve (Dwight Yorke and others you know who you are....); and those who "are very happy at Rovers" the week before they (rude word) off to another club.

5. a) RWF b)Steve Bruce/BCFC c)Dean Saunders (well, it's all his fault).

That feels better biggrin.gif

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Pick any five from Arsenal.

No actually, I'll do it for you...

1. Pires

2. Henry

3. Cole

4. Viera

5. Wenger

Last year I was on the Arsenal bandwaggon, they were a pleasure to watch and everyone had to appreciate that they were bloody good.

Now they just seem like a bunch of whining, cheating, play acting babies who always go missing when the going gets tough. Their pathetic surrenders to Man Utd at Highbury and against Munich last night shows them up for the showboating sneaky cowards that they are.

Plus they're all french, based in London and not even 'invincible' any more.

Makes a nice change slagging off someone other than t'rovers.

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