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Desperate Wanted:rovers Home Shirt For This Season


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Stupidly kept putting off getting a Shirt, then when i had enough dosh for a shirt and name and number either spent it or the site was temporarily out of stock.Now they inform me there probably not gonna get anymore in and JJB could'nt get hold of one.Can't really get to Blackburn so would happily supply the dosh if some trustworthy fan would get me one from club shop.

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There is a thread somewhere on the main MB about this, but I'd say the further you are away from Blackburn, the better the chance you have of getting hold of one.

I don't know where you live, but SportSoccer would be the best place to try. They are part of the company that hold Rovers' kit manufacturing and merchandising rights.

The kits are cheap anyway so you won't get them cheaper if you go to other stores. JJB won't be able to help you anyway because they are the competition! They struggled getting our shirts in the first place, and I don't think they are particuarly interested in them because they will make a loss if they sell them at a reduced price due to the deal with SportsSoccer.

So get down to SportSoccer and support the shop that's supporting your club!!

P.S. Good luck trying to find anything in there!! hehe

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If we have FA cup success (making it to the final will be quite a success) I would be very keen to buy the strip that we did it in and not wait till the new one came out. I dont have the luxury of living in a place where there are mulitple options for buying a strip. Online purchasing is about it. The Rovers shop is no help now, am I screwed?

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