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Lets Celebrate St David's Day.


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Up and down the Welsh principality today children will celebrate St David’s Day with school concerts wearing the national emblem of either daffodil or leak; somehow I suspect in his childhood Mark Hughes was one who wore the leak; eating it raw and breathing out the fumes in the direction of classmates.

Today more than likely Hughes will be wearing the daffodil, however tonight I suspect he will be breathing heated fumes of passion, driving his players on to glory in the FA Cup replay against Burnley at Ewood Park.

Whilst Hughes’s team will provide the artillery in an attempt to vanquish the foe, Rovers supporters will need to provide the back up, driving the team on to glory. The eleven players on the field can do their bit, but the fans must be the twelfth man, in a near capacity ground they will need to be in full voice from kick off, forgetting personal dislikes of individual players, to salute and cheer on the team as a whole.

To the Welsh it is commonly believed that Owen Glyn Dwr was the last true Prince of Wales, but tonight, quite fittingly on St David’s Day, Rovers supporters will crown Mark Hughes, Prince of Ewood Park, if his team beat the Dingles.

It’s worth remembering that it could be another forty-five years before these teams meet again, so make your voice heard and in years to come you can celebrate the 1st March, St Davids Day, with your grandchildren saying I did my bit the last time we beat the Dingles.

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