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I don't agree with the suggestions some people have made. Filan was never a great keeper for us-sometimes lucky-but never great.Given was too small.Bradshaw was very good and I am disappointed he didn't develop better.Blacklaw's eyes had gone by the time he came-let a lot of long shots in.Abbey even said Butcher had some good qualities-imo not only was he as bad as Collier,he also meant we couldn't sign a young Southall as Kendall would then have had 3 keepers.

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Of the 'Keepers that I've seen at Ewood, Gennoe, Collier, Grew, Mimms, Dickins, Flowers, Fettis, Kelly, Filan, Friedel and Enckleman (plus the others I've forgotten) I've got to go with Friedel. I loved Gennoe and Flowers is one of the biggest personalities we've ever had at Ewood but Brad is just awesome. Voted by his peers as the best keeper in one of the best leagues in the world says it all.

A few more for your list GG - O'Keefe /Talia /Given that you must have seen looking at your list

Can't believe nobody has mentioned Vince yet (lots of smirks) - the only keeper I knew that could go for a cross and direct planes into land at the same time.

There ya go Bobf -how can you miss that lot out - them grey follicles must be dampening them old memory strings.

Mark Grew - one of the best stretch of goalkeeping I have seen down at Ewood - to say he was on loan as well

Difficult one this - and what I think will probably be the hardest to decide. Having been a goalkeeper myself - all the attributes that Jones possesd would in my book point to him as being the 'No1', but like so many others didn't have the fortune to watch him in his heyday.

Always had a soft spot for Gennoe - went about his job in a most professional way -good at coming for crosses and for a big man got down well also - not bad with the old penalties if my memory serves me right either. Commanded his box.

Friedal - absolutely out of this world the Season before last making superb saves and commanding his box - to me similar to Gennoe in ways but lost his way last season and made uncustomary mistakes (unknown at Ewood anyhow) for him. Kicks with both feet and would put an Orangutan to shame with his wingspan.

Flowers - best display from a keeper in one match I have seen down at Ewood - positioning questionable though and didn't exactly ooze confidence when coming for crosses - excellent shot stopper though

So as things go my choice would have to be between Jones (on what I have heard and read) Gennoe for his consistent performances and did it season after season.

Friedal - for all his attributes -I just feel we need to see more of him to establish himself as our No1.

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A bit of information about Alfred Robinson,1911-1921, during which time he made 144 appearances.He was fearless, often throwing himself at the feet of opponents in a way other more sensible keepers would not have done.Although he got injured, he always played the same way.2 championships were won at this time.

Harry Leyland was not an overnight success and was not the shape of most athletes.Excellent at one-on-ones.Very popular -even away crowds liked him.

Fred Else was a "B" international when we signed him in Aug 1961. Had 4 great seasons followed by 1 that was a total disaster,during which he declined.He was very reliable and rarely injured.

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JWH Arthur-1883-1890 and 1891-1893 played 40 league games and 35 FA cup games. This probably included the 3 consequtive cup finals.He also played 7 times for England.

I eagerly await Jim's assessment of his schoolchum.

Was he a team player or was prone to run ins with the manager of the day?

Was Jim a matchday mascot in Arthur's time?

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Was held responsible for the defeat against Bolton the following year.

Well he's no chance.

In fact there are still people who don't attend games at Ewood today because of him, "Not after what that bloody Crawford did in 1929" you can hear them cry.

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Glad to see Vince O'Keefe getting a mention even if we cannot vote for him.

Graham Moseley was at Ewood for only a brief spell but he pulled off the finest save I have ever seen from any 'keeper at Ewood whilst playing for Brighton.

A Noel Brotherston corner was met by an unmarked Joe Craig on the six yard line with a bullet-like downwards header towards the corner.

Moseley, who had stayed on his line showed the most amazing reactions to clasp the ball with a diving save.

The groan which went round the Riverside and the disbelief amongst the Rovers' players said it all- we were going to lose that afternoon and duly did 0-1.

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I think I'm going to wait until I've heard some more about the older players. I've only seen Flowers and Friedel in action and it would be tough to separate those two. Friedel would probably get my vote for that season. However from what I've read about Roger Jones he sounds top quality.

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I had to go with what USABlue and Al said and pick Roger Jones. I tend to respect their opinions as knowledgeable, and definitely was seeing eye to eye with USA last season on Brad's form.

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I went for Roger Jones. It was tough, but the fact that he is still remembered quite a few years later, by so many people, even though he only played in the lower leagues, just swayed me.

I agree with bob F as well, a good keeper is a good keeper, no matter what league he played in.

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Chosing Jones , who was the first keeper I remember in the famous shirt , I'm afraid , is a triumph of nolstalgia over realism . Great keeper he undoubtedly was , very steady , but Friedel has performed at the very highest level - and in many observers' eyes was the best keeper at the world cup .

Flowers IMHO was not as consistent as Brad and not even as technically competent . Let's remember that Friedel didn't always have a top flight team in front of him ; in many cases last season he hardly had a defence to speak of . And yet his performances were still of a high standard .

It has to be Brad . tinykit.gif

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After serious concideration, apologies to my mate Tim. but Ive gone with Roger Jones.

Cant remember him making a blunder, like other keepers that weve had at Rovers.

Didnt miss a game in the 74-75 season. 54 games - keeping 19 clean sheets. and he didnt exactly have the best defence in front of him.

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rover.gif voted for sir roger,but we have had so many decent keepers,jim arnold was magnificent when he played in the kendall era,i can actually remenber sir roger jones making a mistake at ewood al.

it was when he played for stoke and he gifted paul round 2 goals,i was stood at the front off the blackburn end,singing his name with the rest off the blackburn end,when he came running out for the 2nd half,i'm sure we were 1-0 down and then sir roger gifted us 2 goals .

what a guy tinykit.gif

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when I started going to the Rovers Roger Jones was in the nets, but as I was only about 5 years old at the time I really can't remember too much about him. I DO remember my dad having a wobbler when the news broke that Paul Bradshaw was going to Wolves though... We have had some bloody good keepers in the time I have been supporting the Rovers, it's been one position where we have never put up with a bad one for long - maybe the luckiest keeper was Darren Collier who he made some many appearances I'll never know as he was shocking. Another good one that I don't think has been mentioned is Micky Salmon who later went on to star for Charlton.

Given would never get my vote as remember seeing him in a pre-season game at Colchester when he tried to palm a cross over the bar & ended up flapping it into the net...


Matt Dickins

Darren Collier

John Butcher

Vince O'Keefe (except for full members final)

Shay Given (see above)

Frank Talia (but has gone on to do well)


Paul Bradshaw

Mark Grew

Jim Arnold

Terry Gennoe

Bobby Mimms (does he still have record for most clean sheets in Prem?)

Tim Flowers

John Filan

but my winner would have to be

BRAD FRIEDEL tinykit.gif

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Apparently Crawford came dribbling out of his area but hadn't seen a Bolton player who was fairly close by. Crawford ended up kicking the ball against him, it hit him and went into the net. I presume this was th replay, played in front of 65,295. The home game was the Rovers' highest attendance-62,522. Imagine that.

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