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Souness Out!


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Haddawayishite. I'll give you that. I suppose he's a Newcastle fan as well is he? Or maybe he's just on the waiting list for a season ticket?

This Link (The Seventies and Eighties) states that Newcastle's gates actually dropped below 8,000 in the 70's. I remember vaguely going to St James in the 1980's to watch Rovers and there was about 12,000 on. Sure it's dangerous for a Rovers fan to comment on such things as gates (we know our place) but then again we don't go on about being such a "massive" club.

So, in the space of a few years you've found another 40,000 fans, I'd say they were glory hunters but that would really be taking the p*** - as this "article". points out, you haven't won an existing domestic trophy since 1955.

It must be hard for such a well supported club to be so unsuccessful, it must really take some doing wasting all that gate money. Good news is though paddy is that with the current management team in place up there you'll be able to keep your record going for a while yet. If you want to come on here talking utter garbage then I'd at least wait until Newcastle have won a trophy so we can take you seriously, until then I'd pipe down a bit.


Nothing hurts quite like the truth does it Bob? In fact looking at the overall "accomplishments" of Newcastle they are behind the other massives such as Spurs for thinking they are big without having done much on the domestic front.

I'd say that's round one to you Bob, perhaps even a first round knockout, even Rovers in the Third Division used to pull in 8000 in the 70's

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Moore and Clark in the last 3 days!!

I am sure that the newcastle players are now much happier with souness for his quality additions to the squad.

( now I know that they arnt that bad, but surly Newcastle fans expect more from him! )

haha hope he gets fired tomorrow

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Too right.

What is he playing at, is he trying to destroy Newcastle, he brought in a centre half he is very over-rated and an old player who he's only brought in as no-one else wanted him, well enough to sign him anyway.

He says he wants to sign Michael Owen for Newcastle but if i were Owen, i'd stay well clear, Newcastle are going no where under Souness this season.

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Will Newcastle sign anyone else before the season starts?

I would think they will pay over the top for at least one striker before August 13.

But overall, as a Newcastle fan I wouldnt be too happy with the summer.

They have cut their squad down losing 3-4 good players and replaced them with 2 good players.

Shearer cant carry the goal burden himself either.

I see Souness sacked by September. I cant see Newcastle having a good season. It might be a transitional one this year.

Then again, who knows...

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hahaha, true that sounesss out very soon, he was just about to get sacked by us so he needs to get sacked soon by someone cos he is pants for them!!! they didnt actually do too bad last season, fa cup semi and semi's uefa right??? but league was rubbish and as he is a hatable character.... they onto him!!

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i thought they did ok apart from the 2 defensive errors. Emre looked good and they were unlucky.

Not sounesses fault anyway


Once again, Lady Luck stays away from Souness... What's he done to deserve this? biggrin.gif

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Two goals either side of half time for Depor.

Souness cannot even take his barcodes to the finals of the Intertoto!


Look I don't want to be the guy that always sticks up for the ex-manager, but where's the disgrace in losing to a side of the quality of Depor?

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Was talking to a Newcastle fan yesterday and somebody asked the question did he think Newcastle would finish higher than Rovers to which his reply was.

Not with Souness in charge, he also seemed to think Souness would be out of the toon before May.

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I cant see Souness lasting more than 5-6 games.

I hope he is in charge when we take on Newcastle in September.


or he will get stupidly lucky and save his imagine if someone comes in for him before he gets sacked (like at rovers!!!!)

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