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[Archived] ManU 0-0 super rovers

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So here we go, making the trip to Old Trafford next, the final leg of our series of four consecutive league games against top six sides. Traditionally, we never get anything out of this fixture. Having supported rovers since the inception of the Premier League, i do not recall us ever doing well in this game.

A few incidents stand out though, and i shall highlight them, instead of listing out formally past results in this fixture. One incident was of course Kevin Gallacher's quite magnificent volley past the great dane Peter Schmeichel. Another incident was the debut of the Italian, Dario Marcolin, who managed to score in a 3-2 defeat, with Nathan Blake grabbing the other. Needless to say though, those names are associated with our relegation season; nobody would have paid 4.25m for Blake, and Marcolin quite frankly did nothing else of note in his loan spell with us.

Moving on, since our return to the top flight, we've suffered consecutive defeats in this fixture. Hignett got the goal in a 2-1 defeat in our first season back, a match which marked Andy Cole's first return to OT since joining us, and i remember he was given a rapturous welcome. In another year, we suffered a 3-1 defeat, with dunny missing a penalty. Of course, Ricardo, manure's reserve keeper, should have been sent off for what was a professional foul. However, the match being at OT, coupled with the fact that Ricardo had came on for Barthez already, the red card never materialised. Last season, Emo got a good goal from a tight angle, that being our sole goal in a 2-1 defeat as well. Dwight Yorke had a perfectly legitimate goal ruled out on his return to OT, which would of course had given us a point.

On to this season, and the teams have had varying seasons. In an overall perspective, Manure have not done too badly actually, suffering only 2 league defeats all season. The first was at Chelsea on opening day, and the second was away to Portsmouth. In all, they have chalked up 11 victories and 4 draws in 15 home league matches. By contrast, rovers got off the blocks slowly. A potential 1-0 win in MGP's debut match was stolen not only by Louis Saha, who served up an assist to Alan Smith with his arm, but also by the referee, who initially signalled for 3min of injury time, only to change it to 4 after RFW's intervention.

Since then, we have had a change of managers, and the entire backroom staff. At the helm now is OT legend, Mark 'Sparky' Hughes, who has certainly turned rovers' season around. Since the 4-0 defeat to Middlesbrough, we've played 26 matches, winning 10, drawing 10, and suffering only 6 defeats, and all by a 1-0 scoreline, the latest being to Arsenal yesterday. What this highlights is clearly, we now have a solid defence; a great difference from the days of souness' latter times when we were gifting goals away. This transformation is in no small part due to the Hughes' training methods, as well as the introduction of Ryan Nelsen, who has been arguably the find of the season. The Axe, Aaron Mokoena, is also an integral member of the team now, shielding the back four extremely well in his defensive midfield role. The differences in financial powers between both clubs is obvious; our striker signing was Paul Dickov for 150k, theirs was Shrek Rooney, for over 20m pounds.

That said, both teams are into the semi finals of the FA Cup. Thus, this match may well be a dress rehearsal for the cup final itself. Certainly, I'm personally wishing for it to be the case; while playing newcastle in the final has the shearer factor, playing the scum will mean that we will be guarenteed a spot in Europe regardless of the result. The added income from a run in Europe will come in handy, and i will gladly choose that over a meeting with shearer. besides, i'd rather shearer remain on only 1 winner's medal, that being the league title, with US.

Finally, here is an interview i did with a mate of mine, who's supported Manure for as long as i have supported the rovers. This could be interesting, as clearly, we're both from Singapore, so the viewpoint from an Asian perspective might be refreshing.

What do you think of this season so far for both BRFC and MUFC?

Blackburn started off badly and looked prime candidates for relegation. Despite the ‘too good to go down’ tag, your defence kept leaking soft goals and brad friedal’s form was ‘on par’ with that of his American counterpart, crazy Tim Howard. However, in the earlier encounter with MUFC, you certainly looked hard to beat and MUFC was fortunate to score an..ermm, lucky goal. Since Sparky joined, you’ve really looked resilient as well as… boring. And now with Savage playing Vinny Jones, you are now the new Wimbledon. Crazy Gang or Boring Gang are both suitable nicks for BRFC.

MUFC started off the season horribly too. Although Smith did score goals, he is clearly no ruud, nor is he a player that could win the title for MUFC. MUFC is similar to BRFC in the context that they are both relatively hard to beat and once MUFC scores first, it is a given they would not lose. The bright spark of this season is Heinze and he is a real bargain! Silvestre and Brown each take turns to play the error prone partner alongside a much too relaxed (or is he still high?) rio ferdinand. Another spark is C. Ronaldo who looks world class in many games and he certainly was less frustrating as compared to last season. The attack has been an abysmal disappointment as despite all the hype, and a fantastic debut, Rooney looked over-rated. However, he had roared to life in the past months, and alongside Ronaldo, they could be considered as successes. Lastly, I thought Howard could be the replacement for Peter Schmeichel, despite his boos boos against Porto, but within 1 month of the season starting, he showed first impressions are not always accurate. 

What were your expectations at the start of this season for MUFC?

I expected a top 2 finish as well as a good cup run. Also, if we have enough luck, a semi final run to the Champs League. Well, I am an eternal optimist.

Who do you hate more, Arsenal or Chelsea?

Arsenal! Chelsea may have an annoying manager but Arsenal has a whole squad of annoying players.

Who have your best players been this season?

It’s a toss up between Ronaldo, Giggs, Heinze, Rooney and Carroll. HAHA! I would say it’s Ronaldo as everytime he’s on the ball, you know he would actually do something, unlike smith, who would just pass the ball promptly back to the defence.


It would be a fair contest between Howard or Carroll. I would not include players like Kleberson and Djema, as they did not play enough games to be Man U players. Actually, I would put Howard as the worst as he was so impressive last season. Carroll was never impressive in his 3 seasons at United.

Who will you rather be first choice goalkeeper? Howard or Carroll?

Embarrassment of riches. I guess it would still be Howard. At least he don’t fumble catching the ball like Carroll….Oh wait, I think he did. Sad.

Fergie is rumoured to be looking at several goalkeepers to bring in for next season. With the money spent on Shrek supposedly coming from next season’s transfer kitty, is a big-money move for a goalkeeper still on the cards?

Yes definitely. Fergie must be going senile if he still rely on the 2 clowns. Even hauling back bald bathez’s ass would still be a step forward.

What are your thoughts on Malcolm Glazer? Would you want him to take-over?

I sometimes don’t see what the big fuss is all about. Is there such a hoo-ha over Roman buying Chelski? However, the English fans must know something that I don’t. If he can guarantee at least 20m pounds of transfer fund per season, let him take over and earn more money.

Who will be your main threat to us in this game?

Ronaldo definitely. He will win all the free kicks and Rovers must double team him whenever he forays upfront. That would leave space for Rooney n Co hopefully.

Who do you perceive to be our main threat?

Asshole Dickov. Brown or Silvestre are uncomfortable with players like him.

What do you think of the job Hughes has done so far at Ewood?

He’s been great actually. Next job: Old Trafford.

Dickov and Savage have been branded two of the most hated players in the English game. However, Keane and Gary Neville aren’t exactly the most well loved characters either. Do you think such criticism is justified?

Hated by who is the important question. Hated by players or the audience? I think in terms of audience, people definitely hate Savage more. He talks thrash to players and it’s something about his blonde hair that make people hate him. Keano is well respected by almost everyone and he has certainly mellowed. Dickov just plays hard. A cheaper version of Alan Smith. Gary wears his hearts on his sleeves and is vocal about any sensitive issue that perhaps should not be brought up by him. For him and Savage, criticism justified. But many of BRFC and MUFC fans certainly love these 2 players for these traits!

That said, how do you expect the game to shape up?

A tight tight tight game. Either a draw or a goal will separate these 2 teams.

Finally, your prediction?

1-0? If we score first, then there’s hope for a 2-0.


In an ideal world, who did you want to get in the semis? Us?

Not Blackburn. Cup games are usually decided by the resolute defence. Newcastle certainly are on good form, but MUFC will willingly take on any team that has Bramble in it.

What do you think of both semis and final being played at Cardiff?

Cheapens the occasion. Materalism and capitalism at its finest.

How do you think we will fare against Arsenal?

Either a 1-0 win for Blackburn, or Arsenal win will walk away with it. Who scores first is crucial.

With the roll Newcastle is on, are you confident of beating them?

Yes. Robert is still over-rated. Rio can handle Shearer and his only danger is his flick-ons. Kluivert do not have the pace to threaten MUFC like Bellamy. Dyer looks the biggest threat but Keano would keep him in his pocket. Rooney and Ronaldo will run havoc as would Ruud and Scholes, where both have wonderful goal records against Magpies. That again, I am ALWAYS wrong. 

Who will meet in the final?

Sorry dude, Dream Final, Arsenal.

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Excellent preview from Singapore!

At the start of the season, I felt that if we achieve nothing else, getting a win at Old Trafford for the first time in my life time would be the thing to do.

In recent seasons we have laid our away bogeys to rest at Southampton, Leeds and Newcastle- just the Mancs to do now. rover.gif

We owe them big time for all the injustices we've suffered against that lot since '92 so let's get all the pay backs rolled into one.

Man U 0 Rovers 6 tongue.gif

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Brilliant preview, but don't show the Malcolm Glazer quote

What are your thoughts on Malcolm Glazer? Would you want him to take-over?

I sometimes don’t see what the big fuss is all about. Is there such a hoo-ha over Roman buying Chelski? However, the English fans must know something that I don’t. If he can guarantee at least 20m pounds of transfer fund per season, let him take over and earn more money.

... to any english Man Utd fan... wouldn't hear the end of it.

I don't think we have the quality to beat Manchester United, as much as I'd like to see it happen, I have a feeling the Old Trafford curse shall continue. Until we get our attack sorted, we're always aiming for a 0-0 in games like these at most.

Optimistically: 0-0 until the 90th minute, until MGP is brought down in the area and Stead, who's come on as a sub, slots away the penalty for a 1-0 Rovers victory.

Realistically: Man Utd 2-0 Rovers. We rarely get out of our half.

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We've got a solid defence now, but our strikers and attacking moves are terrible. A draw would be the best result we can get. Hoping that Stead will start and bring in some young spirit.

2 - 0 ManU sad.gifsad.gif

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Who have your best players been this season?

It’s a toss up between Ronaldo, Giggs, Heinze, Rooney and Carroll.


It would be a fair contest between Howard or Carroll.

Hom come Carol gets in the worst and best player categories?

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Great read.

I have two trains of thought on this one.

Rovers have at some time got to have a little bit of luck in this game. Since the Premiership began we have NEVER had the rub of the green. It has always been against Rovers and never for.

At the same time is there any team in the Premiership that can stop the United bandwagon from gathering momentum ?

Rovers are either going to get a point or even snatch a win.......


they are going to be the whipping boys and leave with a 4-0 loss. Reasonings are that the horsediver,fatboy, clownaldo and the rest are going to get lucky and whoop someone.

Rovers have only one way to approach this game and that is to ensure that clownaldo and scholes are marked man for man. Scholes is one of the best playmakers ever and we have seen first hand that he can score from nothing (Worthy Cup semi final 2nd leg comes to mind). Clownaldo is simply a cheating foreigner who on his day can get a penalty or free kick with a marvellous dive that would outscore an australiam high board diver. He must be stopped.

Up front they are going to have horsediver and fatboy. vnd is going to score soon and I just hope that the 2nd cheating foreigner in their ranks doesnt get the kind of chance that Rovers often throw up to him at mould triffid.

At the back they have the dope taker, the gob and an argy as well as the third in the trio of foreign cheats - sylvester the cat !

Rovers do not have the players up front to cause dopey and sylvester trouble although I expect Dickov to rattle their cages. Emerton and Reid both have pace in abundance and can cause trouble for the full backs.

I clearly forgot to mention keane the thug. He is playing well and seeing as this is likely to be his last game against the Rovers (unless we meet at Cardiff) it is about time that a Rovers midfielder got the better of him. I have never condoned violence on a footie pitch but what better way to see him off that Flitty or Mokoena send him out and off with a crunching tackle.

Rovers have got to mix it from the very first minute like they did chelski. Manure can easily be rattled, foolham proved that on Saturday.

I would love to predict a Rovers win but my head says not.

1-0 manure sad.gif

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A 4-2 defeat with Neill sent off (a la Berg 94), Nelson and Emerton on the score sheet and Horsehead scoring a hat-trick with at least one from a penalty.

Hey none of my predictions ever come true so let's hope the consistency continues. thumbs-up.gif

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Nayef Posted on Mar 21 2005, 12:41 

  A 4-2 defeat with Neill sent off (a la Berg 94)

Grrr, I remember that. It angers me even now. Was sitting in a room full of Utd fans and they all thought it was a fair sending off. Damm them and Damm Lee Sharp too

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We never get anything out of our trips to Mould Trafford. A mixture of refereeing indiscretions and our won incompetence have always combined to leave us empty handed at each attempt.

It ain't going to change this year. We haven't a hope of scoring against United's defence.

2-0 Scumchester.

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5 nil to the scum.....

......Keane plays his last ever game for manure after T'axe breaks his leg in seventeen places..........

...Well targeted al qa'ida suicide bombing of owd t'rrific...

..... sir alex the r.f.w sustains a severe dislocation of the coccyx after a well placed kick from HUGHESEYYYYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! following an argument over WHATEVRRRRRRRR.....

Good result all round.


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Its scary to think of the amount of times we have bad luck vs mancs or bad ref decisions isn't it.

Only in last coupla yrs we shoulda got at least draws, with dunn's pen being saved by someone who shouldnt have been on the pitch and last yr Yorke scoring a normal goal which was ruled out.

I think it will be 2-0 to United much as i hate to say it, we no doubt will cheated in some way shape or form mad.gif

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