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[Archived] Toshack Blames Hughes

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The weakness in Toshack's argument is:

Wales squad to play Austria in World Cup Group Six qualifiers on 26 March in Cardiff and 30 March in Vienna:

Coyne (Burnley), Jones (Wolves), Price (Ipswich), Delaney (Aston Villa), J Collins (Cardiff), D Collins (Sunderland), Page (Cardiff), Gabbidon (Cardiff), Edwards (Wolves), Partridge (Motherwell), Ricketts (Swansea), Roberts (Tranmere), Davies (Tottenham), Fletcher (West Ham), Williams (West Ham), Koumas (West Brom), Earnshaw (West Brom), Giggs (Man Utd), Robinson (Sunderland), Bellamy (Newcastle - on loan to Celtic), Hartson (Celtic).

Wales Under-21 squad to play Austria in Uefa Championship Group Six qualifiers on 25 March in Merthyr Tydfil and on 29 March in Neuseidl Am See:

Hennessey (Wolves), Worgan (Rushden), Anthony (Cardiff), A Davies (Yeovil), M.Jones (Wrexham), Cotterill (Bristol C), Beevers (Boston), Duffy (Portsmouth), Gilbert (Plymouth), Morgan (Wrexham), Nyatanga (Derby), Ledley (Cardiff), Pipe (Notts Co), Birchall (Arsenal), Caliste (Man Utd), Crofts (Gillingham), C.Davies (Oxford), Vaughan (Crewe).

So after seven EPL players retired following his apointment, Tosh is left with three players currently holding first team places in the EPL and three youngsters with EPL clubs in the under 21s, none of which I think have started a game for their respective clubs.

Promising youngsters he's got coming through. huh.gif

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We discussed this at length on saturday and Wales have a pool of 90 registered footballers, which feeds the National team, possibly a B squad, an under 21 squad. So after listening to his many critisism for the last few years 7 players have chosen to retire as soon as he has taken over.

What he doesn't get is that in a country with so few professional players the last thing you do is fall out with them and you make every use of every last resource.

IF Savage is a disruptive influence (Hughes has obviously never thought so) then surely he should have a look at first hand. Not phone him to say - I'm playing this young lad from West Ham who has never played a first team game and your dropped. Then bemoan the loss of established players capable of performing in that role.

The bloke is an idiot - top and bottom and won't last as a national manager particularly if he carries on the way he has started.

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There is a school of thought amongst Welsh fans that Mark Hughes did not do the job the media have attributed him to have done. Wales didn't qualify for the Euros, he stuck by a lot of the old players, he obdurately clung on to the 4-5-1 long ball formation and refused to give Robbie Earnshaw as many starts as he deserved.

Now - those aren't my arguments, they're some propounded by Welsh fans who were glad to see the back of Hughes. To be honest, I don't know how valid they are because I didn't follow Hughes' reign over Wales too closely.

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i really cant understand why anyone would think Hughes didnt do a good job at Wales. He took them from being the joke of international football to nearly qualifying for the Euro Champs (which they should've imo). To be honest Wales will do nothing under Toshack!

How he can be criticised for using the more experienced players is beyond me....they were better than the younger ones end of story. You play your best team if you want to win, thats what he did!!

I think the fact that the job Hughes did at Wales was applauded by other managers speaks for itself!

Toshack is talking @#/? again and everyone knows it! The guys a joke!

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i really cant understand why anyone would think Hughes didnt do a good job at Wales. He took them from being the joke of international football to nearly qualifying for the Euro Champs (which they should've imo).

Well...you kind of answered your first statement at the end...with the talent available, they should have qualified.

No Wales manager has had that kind of quality to call upon for a long time, and a quick glance at the current Wales squad will show you that Toshack won't have either...so inevitable comparisons will be unfair.

Jones, Delaney, Gabbidon, Melville, Thatcher, Davies, Speed, Savage, Giggs, Bellamy, Hartson...that was a team more than capable of reaching a major final, they were certainly better than the Russian team they eventually went out to.

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My impression of Toshack,who I think was involved in the rise of Swansea from the lower reaches to the 1st Division, was that he had some success in the Basque area as well as some success in Madrid.

Lovely bit of understatement there laugh.gif

Back in the days of Romario and Stoitckov running rampant in the Spanish League for Barcelona, their main rivals were the Deportivo side managed by Toshack.

He also won the league with Real Madrid in 1989, with a side that scored 107 goals in a season... still a record.

Won the Spanish Cup in 1987 awith Real Sociedad and the following season guided the side to second place in the league.

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