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SINCE 1996
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I Cant Believe It's 1994-95


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BRFCS.com is proud to present a special 'retro forum' for you to participate as if it were May 1995.

We are fast approaching the end of the 1994/95 Premiership season. Rovers are top of the league, but Man Utd are breathing down our necks.

How will things turn out? Can Rovers do it for Jack?

How are you feeling? Can we do it? Will we stumble at the final hurdle?

How **** were we against West Ham? Air your views!

In May 1995 the internet wasn't the preferred way to talk about footie and fans around the country, around the world, couldn't share their fears and hopes for these tense last few weeks of the season that could be Rover's finest hour. Now you can! Pretend you were there Air your views!

You don't have to been around at the time to participate, just act as if you were. The only proviso is you don't use hindsight and try to pretend now is then....

Click here to enter 1994/95 Retro Forum

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