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Hi, I Have Just Started Following Rovers

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well soccer in general really, but I watched last season and Rovers finished really high up the table so I though we would be specials to win it this year for sure!!

Not that I have looked at the Rovers history at all but surely we are looking at top 2 finishes for the next decade with the team we got hey!!

Man I am glad I picked Rovers YEP no dissapointment for me. My mate follows Chelsea WHAT A LOSER!!! HA HA

Anyone think this Google thing is going anywhere on the Intraweb?

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Sure Man Utd have had a good couple of years but I really think we are ready to take the world stage.

I was thinking of a couple ideas about a Rovers marketing strategy to help grow the income

I know this is probably a silly idea being a british game but what about if we marketed Blackburn in Asia?

I am probably going to get laughed off the board though

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Asia you are joking they have no interest in football that would be a real non starter !!!!

Next thing you will be telling me is that FIFA will stage a World Cup over there withstupid.gif

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