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Major Incident In London

Guest Kamy100

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Well we have all been told to stay in our office until further notice.

So far, we've heard all the tube is down, the busses are suspended and all over ground trains are suspended in and out of London.

Guess I'm sleeping here tonight.


Glad to hear you're ok anyway. thumbs-up.gif

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Muslims have claimed responsibility, I would have thought they would have more chance of killing their own lot in london


Don't class them as Muslims - they are terrorists - purely and simply extremist animals.

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Al-Qaeda connected group claiming responsibility


As will other groups no doubt.

One thing the police chief has asked for is the media not to speculate, and all we tend to get is speculation. In this thread alone, we've had more than one bus explode (fact there was one); we've had a rumour of an attack in Manchester (fact there isn't any); to name but two examples.

Terrorism is called terrorism for a reason. It is designed to spread terror. Wild stories and speculation play into the hands of those commiting the atrocities. How long will it be before sick hoax emails start doing the rounds again warning of more attacks?

Speaking of which, if you receive one that says "my friend gave an Asian man in a shopping centre his wallet back after he'd dropped it; he thanked him for helping and warned to stay away from X city on X day" DO NOT pass it on. It's a scaremail.

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Aye, easy on the racial predjudice.

I suspect that they're only bothered about attacking 'Westeners' and causing as much disruption as possible. I don't think that there's much about their killing that's careful or selective beyond that.

I'll be very disappointed if, after the calmness and stoic response of the population down here today, there were any stupid race related attacks or riots in any part of the country as petty vengence.

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I don’t think its quite right to place all Muslims in the bracket of "terrorists" because of the actions of a minority of extremists mad.gif ( by the way they said then don't know who is responsible yet)

However 7day of 7month = 14 - 5 of 2005 then + 2 of 2005 = 9 then 11 or maybe I’m reading too much in to it huh.gif

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Guest Kamy100

I hope that people don't class all the muslims living in this country as "terrorists". Every single person I have talked to has expressed "shock and anger", the people who have done this do not care about anything other than pushing their "extremist" agenda's which are not supported by the vast vast majority of muslims.

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Currently in Work in West London and a lot of people have failed to turn up for work. A lot of frantic calling and e-mails are being sent out by our HR dept. Luckily my family managed to get through to me.

1 of my work coleagues (whom I have just spoken to luckily) arrived in russel sq literally minutes after the bus exploded - he's pretty shaken up and still cant gwet home as the whole area has been shut off. Hes' gonna be walking home.

I work for the Carphone Warehouse in the HO and Charles Dunstone told us that the mobile netowrks in london were shut off for fear of that being use as the detonation mechanism.

Looks like i'll be walking home tionight, but i'm just glad to be safe. I hope anyone with friends or family here manage to get in touch.

We cant let terrorism win!!!!

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are all the london based rovers fans ok?

tris and co?


I was cycling in Moorgate 9-45 this morning.

Headed back home safely.

As we speak now I've never seen Gt Eastern st City rd so queit.Lets hope its over.

Condolences to all those effected.

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Very shocking all round really.

The first i knew about it, was this morning when I was in a conference. I had my phone on silent and I got a text asking if I was ok. I replied - 'fine thanks, how are you' !!

when I got another text 2 mins later saying the same thing, I relaised something was not right, so I went onto the WAP site on my phone to discover the news.

The fact that I live in kings cross and use that station most days, really brings it home.

The worst thing about today though, is a girl who has been doing some work experience with us for 2 weeks. She's from Marseille and is supposed to be here for 8 weeks. We got word just over an hour ago that she was on the ground floor of the bus that was bombed. Thankfully, she's in hospital and is ok, although awaiting an operation on her knee.

A couple of us are just about to head over to the hospital to see if we can do anything for her. The french embassy have also been amazing. They have called the hospital several times to get updates and offered to pay for her immediate flight home if she is able.

More on this when I know!

most of my friends down here that I've spoken to, are all of the opinion that we will be back at work first thing in the morning to show thos ******** that they can't break us.

hope everyone else based down here is ok.



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I was against the Olympics being held in London, and i know they are a long way off but I now hope they are the best ever and go along without any major problems. Then we can stick 2 fingers up to these (can't really write what I want, but i guess it's what your all thinking!!!)people and show them them that like the people of NYC we will not be bullied.

As with everyone else my thoughts are with those effected.

Well done AndyC and the rest of London, lets show them what us Brits are about thumbs-up.gif

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Aye, easy on the racial predjudice.


Unless I have missed something I think that you are the first to mention racial predjudice Sharrock. What makes you think that it is connected to racism? It may be of no comfort for you being stuck in the middle of it but racial predjudice or for that matter colour predjudice, has absolutely nothing to do with this atrocity.

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Al-Qaeda connected group claiming responsibility

The BBC also reports that "Arab sources" have told them it was a co-ordinated attack from Al-Qaeda, which looks to be by far the most likely cause of the attacks today.

The bombs were synchronised to go off at a similar time and cause maximum terror. The same method has been used by al-Qaeda before.

Professor Paul Wilkinson, a terrorism expert from St Andrews University, has said: "This was a major terrorist attack which bore all the trademarks of the al-Qaeda network."

Unlike previous terrorist attacks by the IRA units, al-Qaeda has never issued a warning and their intent is to kill and injure as many people as possible, as happened to the rush hour commuters in London today.

Scotland Yard have said that there are at least 33 fatalities so far and more than 100 people have been "seriously injured" in the attacks. More than 200 people were reportedly taken to Royal London hospital in Whitechapel.

My sympathies are obviously with the families of those killed and the people who have been seriously injured in the attacks.

A statement which has just been issued on behalf of the Vatican, said that the Pope was "deeply saddened by the terrorist attacks in central London."

"The Holy Father offers his fervent prayers for the victims and for all those who mourn. While he deplores these barbaric acts against humanity, he asks you to convey to the families of the injured his spiritual closeness at this time of grief," said the statement.

Prof Michael Clarke, a terrorism expert at King's College London, said that the bombs would mean at least 24 people had been involved in planting them in a targeted operation.

"It will have been quite a big plot and months in the planning with at least 24 people involved" said Prof Clarke, who also warned that the London Olympics will "almost inevitably" be a target for terrorists.

Prof Clarke says that the Olympic Games in 2012 will be a "pretty severe headache" for the Metropolitan police.

"This will be the biggest international event ever seen in London, bringing in people from all over the world. The Olympics has global attention, so it is bound to attract the attention of groups that want to use it for their own purposes."

"Terrorist groups will try to infiltrate construction firms and contract bodies. Al-Qaida related terrorists have learned to get on the inside so they can find out what is going on," said Prof Clarke.

If Al-Qaida has decided to launch a long-term campaign in Britain it could be the start of a bloody conflict.... sad.gif

I hope that people don't class all the muslims living in this country as "terrorists".

I would certainly not do that, as obviously the vast majority of muslims are not terrorists.

However, it doesn't help when you get various Islamic clerics living in Britain like Omar Bakri Mohammed, who has openly called for muslims to carry out terrorism.

Mr Bakri Mohammed came to Britain in 1985 after having been deported from Saudi Arabia because of his membership of a banned group. He has since been given leave by the Home Office to remain in Britain for the next five years.

"People like to call it suicide bombing," Bakri says. "We call it self sacrifice. You must fight for the way of Allah - to kill first and be killed."

Mr Bakri, pictured below, who supported the September 11 attacks in the USA, meets up with his devoted students on a regular basis in London to give speeches. Bakri has denounced America as "the head of Satan", and has attacked countries like Britain who he says have "sold themselves to Satan".

user posted image

I'm afraid that when you have this type of extremist preaching from clerics like Mr Bakri, terrorist attacks are likely to emerge.

Indeed, last year the Metropolitan Police commissioner Sir John Stevens said that a major terrorist attack on London was "inevitable".

In the bus attack, the whole of the top roof was blown apart in the bomb and there have been reports that at least 21 people died in the Kings Cross tube attack.

user posted image

On a tragic day like this, it is perhaps not appropriate to talk about immigration policy - my immediate thoughts are firmly with those killed and injured. However, like Sir John Stevens from the Met, I have feared in recent years that something like this would happen in the UK. My fears have sadly become a reality today.

Or to quote the biblical prophetic warnings from Enoch Powell:

"As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood." sad.gif

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I am SO  f'kin angry!!!!!!!! mad.gif  mad.gif

Its time to take the fight right to the Muslim extremists in this country and hit back hard, also stop all asylum seekers now. mad.gif


Get a grip of yourself, take time to engage your brain, and stop spouting @#/?.

First of all there's no confirmation that it was carried out by "Muslim extremists" yet, although I agree it looks the most likely option. Secondly, the people who carried out the attack may not live in this country. Thirdly, the vast majority of asylum seekers come here because conditions in their own country are unbearable. They only want a better life for themselves and their families.

As for AESF's re-hashing of the BBC News site - well only him would seek to take advantage of an attack like this to post yet more of his racist drivel.

Edited by Scotty
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