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[Archived] Paris

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The Bombardier is an excellent pub owned by a Rovers fan, great place to watch Rovers game (which is also near to where I work).

That area (the 4/5/6) is a good place to for relatively good food and it has a large selection of bars (mainly ex-pat as it relies on the Paris ex-pats and tourists for a large part of the business). It also has a large number of hotels and you'd be able to find one on practically any budget. If you want to experience fine food and chic Paris then you are better off heading to the other side of the river and staying in the 7/8/9/16. Either way the city is relatively small and so you can travel from one side to the other in a fairly short period of time. Personally I would stay in the 4/5/6 (essentially the latin quarter) as there tends to be a bit more of a life to the place and if you are simply looking to go to basic bars it is a better place to be.

I hope that helps, if you would like a specific list of good bars or places to eat or go I'd be happy to provide one and do stop by the Long Hop.

I'll take this chance to link to the bar

This is the bar run by the Rovers fan

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Not Paris, but I will be visiting Monte Carlo on Thursday for a few days, it was a prize won by my wife at work.

They are looking after us and have a few trips arranged, but are there anythings which anybody believes we can not miss out on whilst we are in the principality?

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Not a clue, really Eddie!

I'll definitely be out for a few pints, other than that, I just want to take it easy.

I might go and see the Rodin Museum. But I'm not really the arty-farty type, so I wouldn't want to spend too much time in museums.

Isn't there a tethered balloon in the Citroen Park? And is there a funfair on at the moment? Have the put the false beach in yet?

I don't have too much time to play with ... TGV gets me in at Gare de Lyon at 12:45ish on the Samedi, leaving about 7pm the next day ...

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The beach isn't up yet...I don't think.

The balloon is there.

The fair will be up.

Saturday is also Fete de la Musique, which is basically an all-night street music party. There will be some famous musicians playing at various spots around the city on stages, but there will also be tons of bands everywhere. It's a great day to just grab some beers and walk around sampling a bit of everything, stop into a few clubs and bars to see the acts, but also spend a lot of time on the street.

Here's a site so that you can see if any of the official acts would be something that you are interested in

David Guetta - Soirées

Hippodrome d'Auteuil - 75016 - Paris

If I didn't have to work I'd definately be there.

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Well, I sorted a hotel part way between the bottom of gardens the Eiffel Tower stand in and The Luxembourg Gardens, nice and handy for the metro down to exhibition and a nice walk through the gardens to the Bombadier.

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Well he did stop by and became the first messageboard memeber I've actually met, even though we didn't get much time to talk.

Nice seeing you though and I hope that you had a good trip.

You might meet another one soon!


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