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[Archived] Recent Departures

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Its always interesting to monitor players who have recently left the club. I noticed last night that Henning Bergs team Lynn who he is managing are doing quite well in Norway but did get beat last night. Egil is back playing well for Viking and scored last night to give another victory for Woys team.

What has happened to Lars Bohenin? Is he back in Norway? Wheres Neil Danns now? Wheres Sebestian Perez?

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Henning Berg's FC Lyn (yes they actually managed to rename themselves that - we've never spelled club with a C in Norway before...) are doing alright as you said, not great though and they've had a lot of noise with the Obi Mikel stuff and also losing their goalie to Bolton.

Egil is playing very well for Viking and Roy Hodgson has made them a very solid team over the last few months. Hard to beat and defensivly very sound.

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Lars Bohinen is a member of the coaching team at Vålerenga.


Thanks for that. Is Henning well thought of at Lynn with him being new to management. How is the reaction to Hodgson at Viking? Is Egil playing well under Hodgson?

And Robbie Slater should be grateful for what Rovers did for him I would have thought.

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Berg has sadly made a fantastic start to his managing career for Lyn, and is one of many ex-professionals who impress as managers in Norway these days. Kjetil Rekdal (Vålerenga) and Ståle Solbakken (Ham Kam) two others..

Hodgson has done good things with Viking, getting them up to 4th position and playing quite well. Østenstad has scored a few goals and is a good "Tippeliga" player. Not spectacular, but strong and a good finisher.

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And Souness never said hello to poor Keith. If anyone in this world should be grateful for Graeme Souness, it is Gillespie. The guy returned to Rovers after failing during a loan spell in div 2 with Wigan. Souness let him have another chance and Gillespie took it and in doing so, prolonged his topflight/second tier career.

Neil Danns is at Colchester Utd.

Is Grabbi still playing professional football because no-one seems to know what club he's at?

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looks like grabbi retired

seizoen club wedstrijden doelpunten competitie

1994/95 Juventus 2 1

1995/96 Lucchese 8 1

1995/96 Chievo 18 2

1996/97 Modena 31 15

1997/98 Modena 27 14

1998/99 Ternana 14 2

1999/00 Ravenna 29 13

2000/01 Ternana 34 20

2001/02 Blackburn Rovers 14 1 Premiership

2001/02 Messina 12 4

2002/03 Blackburn Rovers 11 1 Premiership

2003/04 Blackburn Rovers 5 0 Premiership

2003/04 Ancona 7 0 Serie A

Totaal 212 74

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Ancona went bust after being relegated from Serie A and got put into Serie C...something, one of the low leagues anyway.

The last I read he was training with Ternana (who we bought him from) with the plan of re-signing for them. I don't know whether it happened or not.

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Keith Gillespie is unemployed.


Gillespie was going to Leeds but that fell through. Then he was going to Hull and I dont know if that fell through.

I did sit next to his sister at one game and she was nice but had a very strong irish accent which was quite difficult to catch all the words. I think she said she thought Souness was some sort of banker or that is what I thought she said!

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robbie slater is still a half-wit and he is on tv in australia. can't stand the guy. hasn't ever got a nice word to say about rovers.


robbie is going alright, and he never disrespects the club.

Dont know where you go that idea from.

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Wilcox is like that tho.....for rovers and leeds...he would have a ###### 5-6 games then set up 2 and score one from 40 yards and he would stay in the team for another 5-6 games till he did it again blink.gif .......so i wouldnt read too much into that......plus isnt he like 36!!

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By the way Marcus Babbel is still the most attacking defender in the world but now plys his trade for VFB Stuttgart. Dino Baggio went and join Grabbi at Ancona on loan after leaving rovers, he played 14 games and scored 1 goal in serie A, (more than grabbi) but there regation saw him return to lazio which he has subsequently left......heard a rumour he was in Japan, but he may of just retired! also heard Youri Djorkaeff now plays in the MLS with NY/NJ metrostars but us fans will have to tell ya for sure!

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