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[Archived] Espanyol Attendance?

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Normally an optimist, but I doubt whether Ewood will sell out this season, and the problem is I can't think of a way to do it.

BTW Anyone in favour of reinstating the Anglo-Scottish Cup next Summer to revive a bit of interest?


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I notice the red scum haven't filled OT this evening. Yes its on the telly, but they are playing a full first team and its hardly a meaningless match.


I heard they were meant to be boycotting the game.. or that's the excuse they've been using ?.. then again i can hardly complain about attendances being a rovers fan lol

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S'funny how us two manage to maintain such even temperaments all of the time isn't it?


Oooh I don't know about that. The word "snidey" usually set you off like a greyhound with a raw chilli up its bottom.

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