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[Archived] Chat?

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I've just tried the chat section to see whether we can go online today but it looped me back to the forums.

Is this completely dead now? sad.gif

I guess I'd better ring round the bars of San julian's to find out who is carrying the Rovers game- the Britannia Bar has closed to make way for a new road. mad.gif

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Just taken hotmail off my PC preferring Skype and MSN (Skype is brilliant- can have multiple conversations as well as chat!) but I can log in through another account.


Acouple of seasons back we set up a chat room on MSN I think. In my view I preferred it to the Rovers chat room. I would be up for that.

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Have the admin guys thought of putting a shoutbox on the forum like they have on this example? bouncybeatz

might be worth doing so people can chat live - i'm sure it can be done on this type of messageboard - it could just be turned on for match days so those who can't find out can be informed?

just a thought - Admin team i beleive you can get the modification on here Invisionize

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