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[Archived] Players Your Glad Rovers Didnt Sign!


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Right then, lets have your nominations for players that Rovers were trying to buy (ie put in a bid) or had an offer accepted but could agree personal terms/medical problem, that now your very glad we didnt actually sign. This isnt players Rovers were only linked with.

I'll get us started with Matt Jones, remember him. Souness had a bid accepted back in the promotion season, but lcfc sole him away at the last minute. At the time i was disappointed, now i dont know if he even has a career anymore! tinykit.gif

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I'd say Geoff Thomas as he wasn't the best but...Dalglish wanted him, Jack refused to pay their asking price and unfortunately it seemed the first breach (however small) in their working relationship. I'd have accepted a crappy Geoff Thomas if it'd meant keeping Dalgish interested enough for another season or two.

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