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[Archived] Scotland, Hahaha

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As long as they didn't include Barry Ferguson !


He wouldn't get a look in.

I must say that I thought England played really well tonight and am pleased that we beat a decent side despite already being through.

What's more amusing to me is where both Rangers and Celtic currently lie in the Scottish league. laugh.gif Come on Hearts!

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And there are around 5 million of the worst  racists north of Hadriens wall


I lived in Edinburgh for 3 years and I was only ever treated nicely! Whats your personal experience of this 'racism' and how does it compare to how you talk about, say, the Germans, the French and the Argentians.

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Part of the problem is what the kids these days get up to in their spare time. When I was a lad from the age of six to sixteen, I kicked a ball around in the street with my mates and I bet most lads in the 60's and 70's did the same. Now, a significantly higher proportion of young lads seem intent on just hanging around street corners, looking threatening, dressed in their regulation "street gear." Aimlessly hanging around, nothing to do and nowhere to go, blaming everyone but themselves for their lack of activity.

Despite its size, Scotland had a great production line of footballing talent, Peter Lorimar, Eddie Gray, Billy Bremner, Kenny Daldlish, Dennis law etc etc. The list could go on and on. But now there's almost nothing in comparison.

England being much bigger than its neighbour has not suffered to the same degree because there are still plenty of talented footballers coming through. Like Scotland though it still suffers from the youth of today problem and the numbers of footballing greats is nothing like that of previous years.

I don't think it helps that Rangers & Celtic keep buying foreign "talent". Which means only a small handful of Scottish youngsters will come through the ranks and play first team football, with the best chance of any of them breaking through would be to play elsewhere.

Be interesting to see how our youth players do in the Victory Shield.

Btw though, a good result from us against SLOVENIA tongue.gif Can't remember the time we scored 3 goals in a game!!

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Will be an interesting play-off draw tomorrow, but since FIFA decided it's going to be a seeded draw, we don't really got much of a chance getting to Germany.

Seeded teams:


Czech Republic


Will play against:




Please don't start a Norway, hahaha thread though as we might get lucky and win 2-0 at home against Spain and 1-1 away, just like we did against England a few years ago..

Remember this table:

Norway 10 7 2 1 25- 5 16

Holland 10 6 3 1 29- 9 15

England 10 5 3 2 26- 9 13

Poland 10 3 2 5 10-15 8

Tyrkey 10 3 1 6 11-19 7

San Marino 10 0 1 9 2-46 1

Glad to see times haven't changed since then... biggrin.gif

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for me, having enjoyed the living facilities provided by the local Govan Gopvernment (some time ago I maight add when it was really rough!), I had to find time to have a giggle at the latest typical Scottish failure in the World Cup Qualifiers.

Lets be honest about them, they are really nothing more than UTTER SH&e.

Yes they have some marvellous supporters who travel the globe, these people are merely sadists of the highest quality who seek nothing more than a beer and football torture.

yes they have had a crap start to this qualifying period with Berti at the helm, but please you Scots, do you really think you would have qualified with WS at the helm from the start ? The stock answer is NO.

Your team has some half decent players in Fletcher and Weir, ones a bright young spark the other an elderly statesman. After this you have wee barry, the man who couldnt hack the Premiership. You have Mcfadden and Miller backed up by Dickov when fit and Paul gallagher, Your midfield spine is non existant.

There is hope for your lot. I mena if they really do raise the Home International tournament Scotland really do have a chance of winning the runners up spot. Fighting it out with N Ireland and Wales is the only level you could ever compete in.

Your fans are marvelled throughout the World as party goers, as drinkers as true footballing fans (post Wembley!) but its your team that are the laughing stock, rating themselves against the likes of San Marino and the Faroe Islands.

I truly hope that one day the Scots will again qualify for a world cup finals. It simply will not happen in my lifetime.

Scottish football has giants in Rangers and Celtic, it has lesser lights in Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen, it has total crud in Motherwell and Falkirk.

Indeed Scottish football is as dead as the proverbial DODO. its as simple as that ohmy.gif

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I hope Norway qualify otherwise we will have no Rovers players there!

Although there's always the fear that MGP has an impressive World Cup, you'll get the so-called bigger clubs waving their chequebooks our way too.

Still, you've got the Playoff draw at 12noon CET (11am UK time?) today, could have some interesting matchups.

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Why on Earth would we want Rovers players at the World Cup???

As for Scotland, superb result away to Slovenia, and three magnificent goals. Slovenia are no mugs and have qualified for their share of major tournaments recently, to win 3-0 at their place was very good going.

But then, if you're that way inclined you can put a negative spin on anything.

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Why on Earth would we want Rovers players at the World Cup???


Because they might come back full of confidence and have one of the greatest seasons by a keeper in Premiership history?

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