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[Archived] Blackburn 4 (four ) V Charlton 1

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not untill he does it more than 2 games on teh bounce


I'll keep you to that!!

On Emerton: (BBC)

"Brett Emerton set the tone with a superb finish after just two minutes... The Australian surprised everyone though as he swept a powerful shot from a narrow angle into the top corner."

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Sounds like the ref dropped two clangers as well as failing to book Charlton players for persistent fouling- Bellamy called offside for a clear run on goal in the first half and a blatant hand ball in the penalty area in the second half.

"Blackburn belied their popular image as a mainly physical threat as they played some delightful football."- BBC.

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An excellent performance by everyone on the pitch. I am sure Young, Murphy, and Bent did their England chances a whole lot of good in front of Eriksson biggrin.gif

Friedel made some excellent savbes in the 2nd half.

Tugay was superb in his midfield role, spraying passes all around.

Bellamy was a constant threat in the final third of the pitch. His finishing showed the difference between a class striker and an ordinary one.

The handball decision was appalling, it could have been 5-1, but I am not complaining!

The only sad note is that West Ham & Newcastle won, meaning we will be 11th.

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just found the programme from the Rovers v Charlton game a few years back. We won 4-1 i think, with Tugay scoring a wonder 'team' goal i seem to remember.

That was a great game, really was end to end. Hope Rovers can produce the same kind of performance as that tomorrow

Cant see it though,

Rovers 1-1 Charlton (i agree with Lawro -HA!)

Bellamy (56)  Bent (76)

Att: 17,896


I never should have doubted Rovers. smile.gif And todays performance was even better than that one!!

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Great game today. Thought the whole team played well, especially Neill, Tugay and Bellamy. Even Mokoena played well at right back, even though when he get's the ball he has no composure.

The difference Bellamy makes to the team is unbelievable, everytime he gets the ball he's a threat. We haven't had a player like this since Duff left (who by the way is injured for a change). If in January we can sign another striker we have a genuine chance of European football next season and a good cup run.

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17,600.....sorry but this Rovers team deserves better, ffs pull your fingers out Blackburn folk! mad.gif


Oh come on. Charlton didn't even bring 400, so again our home attendance seems to have levelled out at around 17,000 on a day of the year when people are often going elsewhere.

Onto the game - still don't quite believe Emerton's goal. Who doubt's Brad's past it now? How can a ref mis a penalty and give it as corner? Who says we've little attacking threat?

Happy bunny tonight. smile.gif

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Magnificent team performance!!! rover.gif ...we cant ask for any more,

this is a very hungry and entertaining team with goals all over it

17,600.....sorry but this Rovers team deserves better, ffs pull your fingers out Blackburn folk! mad.gif


More performances like that and my money will be invested in that season ticket next season and i expect if the trend continues that the fans will return!

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What an excellent result today! It sounds like every player on the pitch contributed to the team and we thoroughly deserved our 4-1 win. Bellamy's presence makes such a difference to the team, because of his pace and his runs. It's no coincidence that since he has come back into the team, we have been playing well. We have won six out of our last eight games and scored 18 goals in that time. That shows how far we have come since last season. If in January we are able to go out and get another striker, like McCarthy, to play along side Bellamy, then we could finish in the top six. This was just the result we needed after losing to Chelsea and having to travel to Man City next week. Well done boys!

By the way, which of our players got injured today?

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The fans should be returning soon...our home form is way better than I can remember for a long time.

The past three years saw many poor home performances. It's November now and there has only been one poor home performance, against Newcastle. If that doesn't bring the crowds back then I don't know what will. 4 goals today, 3 the last home game (v Leeds), the players are doing their bit at Ewood. Makes a nice change!!! biggrin.gif

5 wins in a row at home and counting!

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Superb performance, best under Hughes by a long way and I'm struggling to remember a better one before that.

Disappointing crowd but by and large we've played some rubbish this season but still got the results. If the performances were anywhere near that standard every week I'm sure we'd see a marked increase in attendances.

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The rain and bad weather has done nothing to dampen Rovers fireworks on this years bonfire night tongue.gif

An all round great performance, a destructive force and at the same time an atacking performance that showed we are not just a kicking team, todays game should stick well and truly in the big mouth that is Lawro.

Rovers started out straight from the blocks and it was very quickly 2-0 Blues. The game was so comfortably in the bag until Charlton broke and scored a scrappy goal. I am not too sure why Lucas let the ball go past his head but only he can answer that.

Suddenly the tempo, movement and passing game we had so successfully played drifted apart. Too many loose passes, not enough movement and too much giving easy balls away.

second half began exactly as the first. Rovers quickly on top and then 3-1 up. The game almost won. Rovers then went on a 25 minute spell where they played really good passing football, totally contradicting everyone in the football world outside Ewood. A fourth goal subliemly despatched to the net by Bellamy sealed a fantastic win. 4-1 ! who would have believed it ?

not too many moans about this game. the crowd ? yes 17000 Rovers fans, the die hard support. A pathetic effort from Charlton especailly after their team had won all of their away games this season.

Rovers and especially Tugay, tried at the end to sever the nerves of their fans by too much flashy ball, not enough thinking and only two on line goal clearances saved us from a really bad ending.

not impressed with the MOTM award, my view there were two contenders, Neill and Zurab.

All the Rovers fans who think that Lucas cannot play, watch the match on footie first. he was superb, a 90 minute all action display, no booking, played in 3 positions, ran for 90 minutes and his only blot was that he was at fault for the goal. Zurab must be wondering just how gers let him go. Another fine display in the middle.

friedal - 8 - some good saves but generally unemployed.

gray -7 inj - did well until hamstring went.

NEILL - 9 - my motm.

zurab 8 - solid in defence.

todd -7 - coped well with Bent until he also departed injured.

tugay - 8 - back to his mercurial best although at the end back to his alter ego.

pederson - 7 - drifted in and out but was there to make the all important 3rd goal count.

reid - 7 - solid throughout, some good moves and plenty of won tackles.

emerton - 8 - great game, fantastic finish and ran the whole game long. surely his best game for a while.

dickov - 7 - good header for the finish, out of the game for a long time before subbed.

bellamy - 8 - his all round game is pure class, he can run, he can pass and he can bloody well find the net.


axe - 7 - solid imo should have gone into midfield rather than RB

kuqi - 7 - header set up bellamy

bentley - 7 - seemed up for it despite the weather and not really enough time to make a solid impression

so its yet another happy saturday night.

Rovers clearly have a team spirit that I havent seen for a couple of years at Ewood. The players fight for each other, they run for each other and they would all appear to have respect for each other.

the supporters who are wavering surely have to come back and purchase the half season tickets. Rovers are on a roll and who knows where this team can get us to this season.

we clearly have an opportunity to seriously lay the foundations for a good season.

the next 7 or 8 games are in the main mostly winnable.

city and arsenal away - would take 3 points

everton and wham at home - 6 points

sunderland, boro and wigan are all winnable and would happily accept 7 points out of that lot.

to go into 2006 with about 33 points would be just superb and a just reward for a job well done tinykit.gif

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Bellamy will bag his first hat-trick for Rovers on saturday!

Rovers 4 - 1 Charlton

Bellamy 23, 37, 67

Jansen 85

for Charlton: Bent 77

Att: 18,487


Well Guys! biggrin.gif I got the right score, but missed a bit with our goalscorers and the time! but who cares! cool.gifrover.gif

was a bit optimistic about the attendance as well..

Rovers 3 Charlton 0 in front of 17,890


You were almost spot on with the attendace!! smile.gif

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Well done Rovers with that brilliant win against Charlton. There you go lawro, we can win and win can win in style.

PS Did anyone see Soccer saturday. Champagne Charlie predicts Rovers will finish in the Top 6. TOP 6 Charlie... I'm liking your predictions more and more.

Why cant more commentators of the game see Rovers for what we are. A decent attacking football team.

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