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[Archived] 2005 British Football Rich List

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So Emile Heskey has got 11 million quid burning a hole in his lard-arsed back pocket.....

These figures are obscene (though not altogether surprising) - and they graphically illustrate why football is no longer the working man's game.

Top 12 players:

1) David Beckham (Real Madrid) £75m

2) Dennis Bergkamp (Arsenal) £37m

3) Michael Owen (Newcastle) £30m

4) Robbie Fowler (Manchester City) £28m

5) Sol Campbell (Arsenal) £26m

6) Roy Keane (Unattached) £25m

7) Alan Shearer (Newcastle) £22m

=8) Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United) £20m

=8) Ryan Giggs (Manchester United) £20m

=8) Ruud van Nistelrooy (Manchester United) £20m

11 Thierry Henry (Arsenal) £18m

12 Emile Heskey (Birmingham) £11m

As a friend of mine put it: "I have had enough of football. I've had enough of the obscene wages and the 48 quid ticket prices at Chelsea. I've had enough of early kick offs and power crazed stewards. I've had enough of being taken for granted, of being squeezed for every penny and of feeling exploited and powerless.

"I've had enough of footballers 'identifying' with the fans, kissing a different club badge whenever it suits them, and parasites like Rio Ferdinand complaining that a 90 grand a week pay-packet isn't enough.

"I've had enough of takeovers, greedy chairmen, dodgy agents and missing money. I've had enough of football as a 'brand' - asset stripping and mega-stores, enough of greedy players like Ashley Cole going to secret meetings with other clubs. I've had enough of Beckham's latest hairdo and tattoos. I've had enough of Colleen and Wayne."

Football has lost it's soul.

I'd like to see a list available for the richest managers. I wonder where Harry Redknapp would be.... dry.gif

Ruud van Nistelrooy, worth a cool £20m, agrees with me that wages for footballers are obscene. (Link HERE )

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A timely contribution given the BRISA meeting on attendance tomorrow evening.

There is a Managers' list.

Mourinho tops at £20m. Our own Mark Hughes appears at number 6 with about £5m. Of course this is a list of declared/visible worth. Seems strange with most Prem Managers being former footballers at the top of their profession and earning £1m+ per year that the numbers are so relatively low.

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The Walker Family at about £680 million are in there but it interesting to note that the combined wealth of Gold and Sullivan is more than 1 billion, putting struggling Brum third in the richest owners' list.

All of them pale in comparison to Abramovich of course.

Bergkamp has been on a huge contract at Arsenal for a long time and is said to have invested his earnings wisely. Likewise Robbie Fowler, who owns streets of houses in the Oldham area.

Surprised not to see Flitcroft in there as he is also a property "entrepreneur".

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am very surprised Flitty aint in that list.

Not only does he have property, he also has a sports business. As does Tim Sherwood who recently reaped the reward of a "big share sale".

I wonder if the walker millions included the land occupied by BRFC ?

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] I'll expect Vinjay will have something to say about the Walker's being in the top 10.


I thought they had 600 million. It's actually 680. I doubt they will be able to spare 6 of that in January.

Where will we get the money from? Hmm.

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  • 2 years later...

Forbes have attempted to put a value on football clubs.

This is for the 2006/7 season and shows Man U as number 1. Of course in 2007/8, the new media deal kicks in which will have boosted the English clubs at the bottom of the top 25 list by around 30% and those at the top by 20%+.

Interestingly the Rovers' 2007/8 turnover will be comparable with what Everton and Villa's was in 2006/7 which placed them at 21st and 24th respectively. Those two clubs have an enterptrise value of around £100m each according to Forbes which points to a very good deal all round when Randy Lerner bought Villa. It also indicates that the £150m all up spent by Mike Ashley for Newcastle was correct.

It shows the indebtedness of Liverpool and Man U very starkly- the cost of having their new American owners- and the extent to which Valencia are in deepest trouble. Dortmund of course had a very rough time not long ago and are still heavily in debt. On the other hand, if reports are correct, the new owners at Newcastle and Man City have wiped out the debts shown here.

The countries of origin of the 25 richest clubs are:

England 10

Germany 5

Italy 4

Spain 3 (including the technically bankrupt Valencia)

France 2

Scotland 1

In 2007/8, Celtic and Marseille would probably drop out to be replaced by two more English clubs- quite possibly Sunderland and Portsmouth, whilst the big 4 will move closer to occupying all the top 4 slots. If Rovers had been finishing a couple of places higher and won the FA Cup this season, we would be getting very close to that top 25.

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Glad that Celtic are in there.

Right below Rangers. Get used to it ;)

EDIT: I assumed you were talking about the original link.....

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Right below Rangers. Get used to it ;)

EDIT: I assumed you were talking about the original link.....


Talking about what the football clubs were worth. Can't see Rangers in there at all.............

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