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[Archived] Fm 2006 New Patch

Guest Kamy100

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Guest Kamy100

SI have released a new patch for FM2006.

Some Mirrors for the patch:






The Patch fixes alot of things!!:

Football Manager 2006 v6.0.2 (Build 72973)




+ Added command line option "--user_data_location" to customise the FM06 base use data folder (also see SIbase).

+ Added command line option "--always_reload_skin" for graphics/skin authors to be able to reload the same skin from Preferences without changing skin twice.

+ Command line option "--database_location" showed an error dialog even when it succeeded in some situations.

+ Command line option "--database_location" accepts absolute paths (see SIbase documentation for details).

+ Fixed "profit/(loss)" on the home page finance panel always being 0.

+ Fixed potential problem with importing some training schedules.

+ Fixed occasional freeze on finance income/expenditure sections if --small_screen was used.

+ If a player had agreed to a "future transfer" his icon in the squad and search sections was still "bid" (instead of "trn").

+ Moved the skin cache folder from the FM06 installation folder to the user data folder to avoid permission problems.

+ Fixed camara agree's transfer on day of deadline window - but transfer is cancelled due to work permit decision coming a day too late

+ Fixed fining a player who is on loan to you and he will get upset with the club that owns the player

+ Fixed Short-term loan deals taking too long to decide

+ Fixed Claudio Ranieri appointed to as chelsea boss

+ Fixed occasional player with a contract until 17.7.2088 in 2005

+ Fixed League Two players demanding four-year deals in July 2005

+ Adjusted players contract length demands for first team squad rotation players

+ Ensured players who are unhappy at sale of player do eventually get happy again

+ Indonesian leagues now use 7 subs.

+ Fixed potential crash in international management if a staff retired while in control of the U23s or U20s.

+ Stopped managers from losing loyalty points when praising opposition managers

+ Fixed 'Use Current Team Selection' on holiday option

+ Fixed manager/coach release on just players allowing human manager to offer less wages

+ Fixed a bug where a team would still play matches at a temporary stadium after moving back to their original stadium,

+ Fixed a bug where a club team might get included in the U21 European Championship.

+ Tuning of player happiness with training.

+ If a human manager goes on holiday during a match, the match is now saved down properly so that it can be replayed to give the final result.

+ Fixed a probem where co-ownership deals would sometimes not be resolved properly at the end of the co-ownership period.

+ Virtual Manager Fix for teams being short of players sometimes

+ Tuning of virtual players playing in leagues running with Basic Detail.

+ Fix for Israeli foreign player registraton - teams are restricted to registering 5 foreign players in the whole squad and only 5 foreign players permitted in match squad.

+ Fix for players given a squad number but then get loaned out and still keep their squad.

+ Fix for tactics not processing international retirements.

+ Fix for team hiring manager when they agree to delay a contract offer.

+ Fix for german national job offer to human.

+ Fix for two global awards in one year.

+ old human contract offers now get cleared down.

+ Fixed no nation displayed in team award screen for a player

+ Fixed crash when human asks coach to pick u23 national team.

+ Can ask for a new contract when on a monthly contract.

+ Fix for clubs not checking division before offering a fate contract.

+ Fixed old 'slightly injured' icons displaying on tactics screen

+ Regen manager fix for countires such as Belarus getting lots and lots of foreign regens

+ Fixed players being described by the media as regular first-teamers when they weren't

+ Fix to stadium code very occasionally appearing in match_summary news items

+ Fixed a problem where sometimes teams were not getting their home matches moved to their preferred match day.

+ Fixed a problem with co-ownerships when teams bid nearly the same value for the other half of the player. The game now rounds both values before comparing to see which team wins.

+ Fixed a co-ownership cheat where you can buy one half of a player from one team and get the other half for free from the other team.

+ Fixed problem with -1 : -1 scorelines sometimes appearing in news items.

+ The 'one yellow card away from ban' status flag does not appear if the next match is a friendly.

+ Fixed referees regening as 14 year olds

+ Training improvement board request option is now disabled if club already has the best training facilities.

+ Training levels graph does not include the current month as the value can still change before the end of the month.

+ Fixed a bug where right sided players are sometimes left-footed when fake players are used.

+ Nations in competitions menu are now sorted properly.

+ Fixed occasional problem where a player sign a pre-contract with another club, joins them then the next day his contract runs out and he leaves.

+ Manager feeling triumphant after losing (Manager Mind-Games Screen)

+ Fixed being repeatedly offered a national youth team job even when you decline the first offer.

+ National youth teams offering jobs to humans from that nation or who manage in that nation.

+ National youth team pool will only show players eligible for that team.

+ National youth teams only manageable if enough players available.

+ National youth teams now call up foreign based players( except african nations ).

+ Bias added to seasonal domestic awards, bias is against defenders as they have high average ratings.

+ Fix for human accepting job, resigning then accepting another job on the same day, while on holiday.

+ Fixed a bug where young players bought in from another club where not marked as "Trained at club" if they had been at their new club for 3 years before the age of 21.

+ Tuned code that adjusts loyalty in manager profile.

+ Fixed board giving manager vote of confidence 3 days after hiring him.

+ Fixed AC Milan failing to hire a manager for a long period of time.

+ Fixed expectation text for nation with nothing to play for in qualifiers.

+ Fixed monthly board confidence news item showing profit when club report loss.

+ Fixed renewal signing on fees not being included in total expenditure.

+ Fixed player involved in main and youth monthly award for same month.

+ Imported training schedules are now validated - no more intensive schedules with light workloads!

+ Players keeping accepting new contracts with a lower weekly wage fixed.

+ Potential transfer value doesn't match with the actual offer (transfer offer screen).

+ Reduced the ease with which foriegn old Players would leave Qatar clubs.

+ Human should not be able to negotiate budgets when he rejects a contract offer.

+ contract offer news item uses clubs offered wage budget when triggering text.

+ Fixed current seasons transfer budget being decreased When human negotiates budgets.

+ Tuned player unhappiness manager / player responses.

+ Fixed post-match player injection news.

+ Made AI clubs protect hot prospects a bit better

+ Lessened chances of players of decent reputation being overlooked by potential suitors in non selected leagues

+ Made ex-internationals with plenty of caps for large nations less likely to join very small clubs late in career of as non players

+ Made AI clubs a bit more willing to splash out on players they percieve to have high PA

+ Made high profile out of work managers less inclined to take assistant or coaching roles

+ Made non-playing staff more inclined to reject job offers for already filled roles at clubs - eg if 1 assistant in place, a large no of coaches, physios or scouts.

+ Lowered price clubs willing to pay out above display value for poor to average players

+ Made certain players quicker to request move to bigger club after a relegation

+ Fixed low max wages for rich clubs under wage budget in non rich leagues

+ Tuned international manager appointments for non selected leagues

+ Added extra restrict foreign signings checks for leagues which have foreigner rules

+ Fixed players wanting first-team football from expressing this as both a major and minor concern

+ Fixed wrong nation displayed for player in international roundup news.

+ Fixed player not winning top goalscorer award while on loan.

+ Fixed wrong year being displayed for greek specific date awards.

+ Fixed specific date awards processing for seasons before game start date.

+ Fixed managers of clubs in inactive comps winning national manager awards.

+ club award news item should have been using nationality instead of nation in text.

+ Null pointer fix when a comp award was being processed.

+ Fixed player gaining nationality to his original nation.

+ Award buildup news now links different players to different awards.

+ Added 'Mutual Contract Termination' for non players.

+ Fixed player scoring inconsistency in ass man team report

+ Stopped players asking for moves for first team footie when on loan/listed/future transfer etc

+ Tuned AI asking prices for top players

+ Made AI clubs take account of player potential more regarding short to mid term squad management

+ Lowered player reluctance to move abroad when already a foreign player in current league

+ Various Stadium fixs, can't just build a roof onto an exisiting stadium, your chairman will also loan the money aquired for large

stadium expansions if your club doesn't have the money

+ Extended end of season loan dates to cover play-off finals.

+ Player attribute values were in some cases not taking training effects into consideration on (mainly player comparison).

+ Transfer offer section for your own players would disappear if you browsed off the player screen then came back.

+ Some players were showing £0 when it should be "-".

+ Asking prices set by humans now treated more realistically by AI teams

+ Polish transfer values cut down at top end

+ Improved transfer AI for teams without managers loaded in non selected leagues

+ Improved transfer values of players at teams without managers loaded in non selected leagues

+ Made sure players out of contract and remaining at club on month to month basis are available free to AI teams



+ Fixed a problem in Turkish 2. Division B where group sizes were not being set properly for the second group stage

+ South-east Asian nations no longer used for 2011 Asian Nations Cup hosts.

+ Foreign rule in Slovenia now changed to non-EU rule.

+ Away goals used in Slovenian Cup semi final.

+ Teams promoted to French First Division now get their reserve teams promoted to the CFA.

+ Argentine Premier Division playoff now takes place in a neutral stadium if scheduled.

+ Matches now not moved to friday for tv in Spanish Second Division B.

+ Guandong Province home stadium will be always at Tianhe Stadium for Hong Kong-Canton Interport Cup instead of randomly chosen in Guangzhou.

+ Fixed issue where some teams in Brazilian Bahia State Championship where playing all there games at home.

+ Hong Kong FA cup minor schedule update.

+ Turkish Cup scheduling update.

+ Australian sub rule update.

+ Added Spanish Cup preliminary 05/06 teams.

+ Belgian cup final now played at Stade Roi Baudouin.

+ Serbia and Montenegro Cup history now updated properly every year.

+ Australian league matches only postponed if over 5 players are on international duty

+ Some Belgian league date changes.

+ Swiss teams now arrange pre-season friendlies.

+ Some Brazilian and Chilean teams now play matches at alternative stadiums when they play against certain teams.

+ Belgian 2nd division team is now byed to the semi finals of the relegation playoffs.

+ Players getting bans from the Australiaa Pre-Season Cup now get suspended for Premiership matches.

+ Norwegian league winners now get prize money.

+ Fixed a problem with some teams always rejecting friendlies on certain dates.

+ Added winter breaks to some reserve competitions.

+ Croatian league now keeps teams in the correct half of the table after the split.

+ Australian sub rule update.

+ Fix for Israeli foreign player registraton - teams are restricted to registering 5 foreign players in the whole squad and only

5 foreign players permitted in match squad.

+ Fix for players given a squad number but then get loaned out and still keep their squad.

+ Matches now not moved to friday for tv in Spanish Second Division B.

+ A temporary fix to stop FC United of Manchester being involved in FA Trophy for at least 2 seasons.

+ Fix to stop lower league teams from playing at home in Israeli State Cup

+ Amended Israeli squad registration window so it now ends Saturday, 14th, January.

+ Fix for FIFA Confederations Cup - rest of squad can now be named as subs.

+ Shanghai Team now plays home games at Shanghai Stadium for Hong Kong-Shanghai Interport Cup.

+ French Cup and French Ligue Cup finals now played at Stade de France.

+ For Solvakia 1st and 2nd division, added winter break for 06/07 season and onwards.

+ Fixed squad registration issue where 2 players get the same squad number.

+ Players on loan (and still on loan) at start of game now no longer get a squad number from their permanent team.

+ Fix to ensure that only the top teams in Turkish premier league appear on tv.

+ Fix to ensure loan players get squad numbers.

+ Fix for situation where AI was not assigning squad numbers to players during registration window in Spanish Segunda B division.

+ Brazilian league now works quicker when running in normal detail.



+ Fixed some player bio strings saying the player had a poor season when he had not

+ Fixed some contract renewal news items for player/coaches

+ Adjusted AI trigger for fans unhappy at signing of ageing player news

+ Fixed consecutive winners of compettions being declared as winning one more trophy than they actually did

+ Fixed media comment news items not being translated properly if you changed to a different language to the one you used to create the savegame.

+ Fixed XML string parsing bug that could lead to translated text not being translated properly in rare circumstances.



+ Updated Malaga player pictures

+ Updated Racing Santander player pictures

+ Updated Villarreal player pictures

+ Added Celta player pictures

+ Updated Emmen, Go Ahead Eagles and Sparta Rotterdam logos

+ Removed wrong Blackpool away kit

+ Updated Atletico Madrid player pictures

+ Added Southampton player pictures

Match Engine Version History


Match v448

- Reworked match condition progression

- Slight tweak to AI managers "sitting back" AI

- Toned down certain motivation and nervousness effects

- Slightly increased effectiveness of long shots

- Fixed occasional defensive clearances across own area

- Cut down on remaining occurances of long range headers on goal

Match v449

- Tuned no of goals from 448

Match v450

- Tweak to team selection AI

Match v451

- Fixed bug where team said to have won trophy in normal league game

- Improved pass selection at higher levels

- Stopped eg 4-0 wins being described as "a poor game" in comms

- Redone player reaction AI to manager being pleased or delighted after loss or poor result

- Reduced changes to morale based on post match talks

- More sanity checks on morale changes in match

- Fixed manager reputation changes post match - should slow down rises for new managers

- Improved AI manager formation selection for matches

- Improved in match calculation of player pace as affected by physical condition

- Improved in match calculation of player pace when running with ball

- Tweaked motivation of players according to match score

- Stopped keeper coming forward for corners if he has instruction "stay back if needed"

- Tweaked marking from defenders of team with an attacking throw situation

- Allowed other players bar strikers to consider making off ball run into an empty channel

- Made players with clear sight of goal more likely to shoot than run into a more difficult shooting position

- Made swap player tactic work for human teams

- Fixed occasional player time wasting in silly situations

- Tuned player match condition progression

Match v452

- Further improved AI manager formation selection for matches

- Improved AI manager substitution AI

- Tweak to passing/run with ball choice AI

- Tweaked player covering team mate AI

- User can now give full backs arrows beyond half way

Match v453

- AI teams now have correct required result set before match - eg if need to win by X to qualify, draw to stay up etc etc

- AI teams more positive with starting formation according to opponent

- Fixed high condition penalty for wet pitch surface

- Teams now more likely to shut up shop when getting hammered against expectation to avoid further embarrassment

- AI teams in non vital domestic league matches more likely to go for the win depending on manager attacking attribute

- Swap player really does work now ;-)

- Tweaked match rating related reputation progression

- Made choice of captain have less impact on technical player match abilities

- Tweak penalty kick conversion rates

- Try to make better players "put foot on ball" a bit more

- Make unfair red and yellow card get stored correctly as such for use in discipline module

Match v454

- Stopped play being brought back for offside when advantage should be played for attacking team

- Stopped players being swapped without having it set in tactics

- Given booked players more time to take up proper positions at set piece

- Improved pre match calculation of "expected result" for use in AI manager tactical approach

- Made AI teams a little more careful away from home when not losing

- Made AI teams utilise the forward run instruction more realistically

- Made the better players at better teams a little less inhibited by away games

- Slight increase on mental effect on weaker willed players of playing top opposition

- Fixed bug stopping managers giving red carded players team talks

- Try to make midfielders get a few more goals by joining the attack quicker

- Improved run with ball AI a little

- Fixed problem with defence of team with attacking throw that can leave attacker a run on goal if ball cleared

- Fixed obscure bug where keeper will run out of own area to intercept an impossible ball and leave goal empty

- Reduced number of very wild and innacurate shots

Match v455

- Fixed "poor game" commentary line after heavy win for one of the teams

- Made AI managers go very defensive a little less, especially in non vital games

- Improved AI use of try long shots player instruction

- Made long shots specialists eg Lampard less reluctant to have a dip

- AI teams now abandon 1 up front formations during the match if things arent working

- Retuned match ratings a little to allow for recent changes in the engine

- Further tuned offensive positioning of central midfielders with forward run instruction set

- Cut down on harsh red cards for "professional fouls"

Match v456

- Match engine now recognises promotion contenders as such

- Swap player issue with subs and changing of role via tactic screen fixed

- Player match ratings micro tweaked

Match v457

- Fine tuned match ratings

Football Manager 2006 v6.0.1 (Build 70473)




+ Fixed potential injury news item crash (trying to display injury league table for a non-existent competition).

+ Fixed a crash at the end of the season in Belgium when running with top division only.

+ Fixed random unregistering of players in leagues which restrict re-registering of players to certain times of the year (Portugal/Spain/Mexico etc)

+ Fixed problem with portugeause league and foreigner rule, counting any non-portugeuse players as being foreign, instead of non-EU.

+ Added extra sanity checks for manager reputation, to help prevent quick escalation of reputation.

Football Manager 2006 v6.0.1




+ Tuning of young player physical progression

+ Spanish regenerated players and virtual players do not get given common names as much.

+ Goalkeeping coaches now do not have high ratings for other coaching types.

+ Loan players who have a "cannot play in cup matches" clause, can play in competitions which their main team are not entered for.

+ Arsenal now use their red and white home top from the 2006 season onwards.

+ Slovenian wages tuned.

+ Mental attributes and happiness have more effect on training levels

+ Ensured team talk slight concerns get cleared down for loan players who have been loaned from non_selected leagues.

+ Toned down severe post-match player morale changes, this ensures players take at least a couple of good matches to go from poor/very poor morale to very good/superb morale and vice versa

+ Ensured human managers don't get criticised for not praising thier own players when in fact they have left team-talks to their assistant managers.

+ Stopped "grey team managers" being given negative attributes and therefore sabotaging their own teams causing some very big defeats.

+ Teams in the same division should not have the potential for a giant-killing news story even if one is semi-pro and one is pro.

+ Prevented board/fans/former club favourite/current player congratulations news items from appearing after a team has qualified for the Uefa Cup via the Intertoto Cup

+ Adjusted the increase / decrease of human manager visible attributes.

+ Reduced inflation of price clubs are willing to pay for a player based on domestic average rating.

+ Ensured assistant coach/manager can't give feedback on himself.

+ Some tweaks to coach and team reports.

+ Monaco virtual players now have French nationality instead of having Monaco set as their nation.

+ Fixed stadium expansion bug where team would sometimes not move back to their old stadium once it was finished.

+ Fixed problem where some players would start the first season with stats from the previous year

+ Fixed second nationalities for regens - previously weren't getting set properly.

+ Fixed problem with caretakers manager's hanging around for ages without being offered the job or a replacement being found

+ Fixed differing time periods for injury between profile and physio report

+ Fixed players reaction to manager mind-games not showing up on client machines when playing network game.

+ Fixed receiving news story stating Liverpool fifth times when should be sixth times champions.

+ Fixed cases of manager being hired from within the club having the wrong 'time in charge' stat

+ Fixed players on loan at a club who are signing for them at a later date (e.g. Laurent Robert) getting wrong player_bio about them.

+ Fixed a bug where you can fine a player who is on loan to you and he will get upset with the club that owns the player.



+ Injury league table not filled in for domestic leagues that had finished.

+ Squad screen filters now filter WB L/DM © players correctly.

+ You now have to pick a goalkeeper in quick tactics like you do in detailed tactics.

+ Added "Help" to the Mac menu bar to follow standard behaviour on the platform.

+ Help for "offer to clubs" now shows the correct information (instead of the "transfer offer " page).

+ Pressing the escape key now closes the help dialog.

+ Training section "attributes" list could display slightly different values than the player profile.

+ Improved goal net graphics.

+ 3rd placed Royal League teams displayed the 3rd placed team order instead of the proper group they were in.

+ Used "Far" as short text for both "attack far post" and "stand on far post".

+ Squad filters for teams works for b-teams if user is browsing the game without having added a human player.

+ "Release comment" section disappeared when you clicked on another section of a player (before you had confirmed the comment).

+ You were able to change some tactical settings from the full time team talks.

+ If you used quick flicks to go to next team while on your own tactics section you might end up seeing their instructions.

+ Referees now show a 'Based' city (if city is known) instead of showing an unknown city of birth on their profile.

+ Clicking 'View Draw' might not take you to the results of the draw if you viewed a different section of the same competition.

+ Minimum fee release clause was not visible while making a transfer offer for players in countries where this is mandatory (Spain).

+ Substituting a player at half time would initially leave his overall team talk at "None" until you it again.

+ Sometimes players were duplicated in part-exchange offers in the "Transfer listed" menu on the "Add" button.

+ Can now give team talks to players who were substituted.

+ Added more printing functionality to panels like Match Report, Match Stats, Home

+ Player instructions "swap player" (outfield) and "distribute to" (goalkeeper) did not remember settings if set outside a match.

+ In-match tactic panel updates the tactic title on the right panel properly.

+ If you were in control of both a nation and a club, using the quick flicks did not go anywhere.

+ If you were controlling a nation and a club, the context of the national FA confidence was the club and not the nation.

+ Corrected "Upcoming Fixtures" to "Fixtures & Results" on the manager home section.

+ In rare cases the player profile would display "-" for form even when the player had valid form.

+ Player histories did not show season year properly for clubs where season overlaps the new year (2004-05 format).

+ Go On Holiday dialog could have the "reject all offers as well as another item selected (they're mutually exclusive).

+ Go On Holiday dialog "Return from holiday after:" N days edit box layout fixed.

+ Inputting extended characters using AltGr (or Alt+Control) did not work.

+ Pasting a single character from the clipboard to an edit box did not work (multiple characters did).

+ Continue game timeout does not get used when a manager is making a team talk after the match.

+ Reset requested scroll position when loading new HTML screen.

+ Fixed wrong team being used in news item stating reasons for transfer delay being refused.

+ Fixed exchange players showing up on news item but not on transfer offer screen

+ Fixed home page snapshot of K-League (displayed opening stage intead of combined league).

+ Fixed Belgian lower divisions snapshot (displayed opening stage and not combined league).

+ Fixed possible crash browsing through teams staff list using the Quick Flicks.

+ Fixed potential crash on European World Cup qualifiers second placed teams table if clicking on team position to see progress.

+ Fixed some duplicate news items.

+ Being able to deselect the 'Index' panel in the tutorial by reclicking on the 'Index' button.

+ Fixed every second seperator line in tree view items being slightly longer than the others



+ Scottish league cup ties are now seeded properly.

+ Fixed some issues with the CONCACAF Champions League when MLS is not a selected league.

+ Mexican teams now do not register too many foreign players.

+ Implemented English Conference changes for 2006/07 season.

+ Mexican First Division groups are now correct for 2005.

+ Prize money removed from Serbia and Montenegro Cup.

+ Manager snapshot panel now shows full stage name in the competitions panel. E.g. North Semi Final instead of Semi Final

+ All-Ireland Cup now stores past years correctly.

+ Teams from 2006 African World Cup qualifiers do not qualify to the 2008 African Nations Cup any more.

+ Some English FA Cup prize money amounts fixed.

+ Hong Kong AFC Playoff now gets scheduled once all of the domestic competitions have finished.

+ Ramat-Hasharon now deducted 2 points in 2005 Israeli National League.

+ Spanish teams now start playing friendlies earlier.

+ All Ireland cup now uses refs from Ireland or N. Ireland.

+ European player awards tunning

+ Greek player of the year problem fixed.

+ Greek foreign player of the year problem fixed

+ Player winning more than one seasonal award fix

+ Attacking bias added to seasonal player awards.

+ Some fixes for managers withdrawing players from international friendlies

+ Australian players no longer win Asian awards.

+ Award winner news item appears after player thanks manager news item.

+ Fixed string error (australian pre match odds news) declaring league as being finished when it hasn't.

+ Fixed some fixture dates in England for non World Cup/Euro Championship years.

+ Fixed a bug where the European qualifying news would not come up for some nations.

+ Slovakia now uses a non-EU player rule instead of a foreign player rule.



+ When 2 human managers are playing each other in a match, the game now shows both team talk screens at the end of the match instead of just the one.

+ When a human changed the order of his penalty takers just before a shootout, the score would sometimes not be stored properly when the result gets processed.

+ Fixed a match screen crash which would sometimes happen after making quick tactic changes.

+ If a human manager leaves a match (goes on holiday, disconnects from network game, etc), the assistant manager will now make tactical changes in his place.

+ Fixed bug where the view menu on the tactics screen might be disabled for a second human manager on the same machine.



+ Starting foreign loans are now not treated as domestic loans for English teams when counting the number of loans done so far.

+ Fixed bug where occassionally the game might forget to process a future transfer.

+ Fixed a bug where national teams would sometimes appoint a director as their new manager.

+ Players signed after a club has finished its season, now get put on holiday.

Mac Specific


+ Fixed some keyboard shortcuts in the help dialog.

+ Fixed possible problem with cpu idle when re-activating the application during a match.

+ Fixed Mac keyboard shortcut for Preferences to conform to standard Mac shortcut.



- ADDED Livingston player pictures

- Fixed Scott Thomson (Dunfermline) picture mapping to the wrong Scott Thomson

- ADDED Nottingham Forest player pictures

- Fixed Cardiff pictures (Darren Purse, Jeff Whitley, Joe Ledley and Neal Ardley)

- Fixed Stafford Rangers player pictures (Peter Thomson)

- Fixed Blackpool badge

- Fixed Rotherham kits not displaying

- Fixed Daejeon kits not displaying in first season

- Fixed Joao Goncalves FaceInTheGame picture

Data Editor


- Fixed potential crash on the squad screen

- Fixed manager preferred formations sometimes defaulting to 442

- Fixed a crash when changing the name of a club and then clicking on the club agin

Tutorial Note


The tutorial will only display properly in the languages installed with the Retail CD.

Match Engine Version History


Match v444

- Fixed exagerrated nervousness in matches of "grey players"

- Stopped "grey managers" having negative attributes

- "Turned up" dribbling a little

- Made control of ball coming from unsighted position harder

- Made one touch football harder to achieve at lower levels

- Improved "purchase" on tackles made close to own goal

- Improved direction of headed clearances and flick ons

- Made less speculative balls down the wings go out for throws

- Tweaked letting ball run out AI

- Reduced in match condition drop for all but increased it for jumping to account for DC's

- Removed pointless shots and lobs from silly distance that distorted shot count by about 3-4 per match.

Match v445

- Fixed over-reaction to "warn against complacency" team talk after good performance

- Fixed graphical glitch that can occur when disallowed goal crosses the line

- Stopped very occasional dangerous short free kicks across own back line

- Improved clearance AI

- Improved AI manager mentality settings

- Fixed 45 minute rule bug that prevented sensible substitutions by AI international managers

- Slightly lessened amount of runs into channels by strikers

- Slightly adjusted condition effect of attacking mentality

- Fixed keeper average ratings anomaly that could result in high rating when little to do in easy win

- Fixed defensive midfielder and wing back match ratings

- Tweaked dribbling AI just a little more

- Tweaked method of counting successful dribbles

- Fixed player "warping" over pitch bug

- Tweaked team shape very slightly vs mentality and narrowed defence a tiny bit in own third of pitch

- Stopped players set to "mark tall player" from closing down corner taker

- Cut down on long range headed goal attempts

Match v446

- Fixed dodgy clearances behind caused by v445

Match v447

- Fixed condition drop for wingers and other players doing a lot of running with ball

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Got the game yesterday and after playing it for an hour I can already say that it is far better than FM2005. You can actually sell players for real money, not an eight of their value, and you can buy players far easier than before.

Th enew features also look nice.

A question, if you download the patch after you have started a game, does it take effect on that game?

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I think that the patch works with saved games, but it can take a while for certain changes to assert themselves in a game that was started before the patch - for example, things like the match engine will take a few months of game time before they start to act like they've been patched.

Really seems to have improved the game though - my midfielders score now!

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didnt get the game yet but i will as soon as its out here... sounds good especially if the coments about it being better then fm2005 are true ... one question about the patch though, will it have any affect on the no-cd crack ?


Ahem move along ohmy.gif

Seriously though i'm no stranger to piracy (so what, i'm a student)

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FM2006 is so much better than 2005, almost entirely because buying and selling players is about 10million times better.

If you have a player rated 5m, you no longer have to offer him to clubs at 500k to get him off your books. Clubs bid for your players and you can almost get rid of deadwood at the end of the season.

Similarly, clubs accept bids for their players far more often than before.

The only problem that I've found is that the transfer list is usually quite sparce.

The team talk option and tactical changes during gameplay make you really feel as if you are having a tactical impact on the game, rather than just watching a blue bar go up and down.

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One thing I like about 2006 is at the start of a new season the board can offer you a few choices on either having more money for wages or more money for transfer funds. Found that particularly useful.


But whats the point in your own contract. Why would you want more wages for yourself blink.gif

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Got FM 2006, haven't had chance to play on it properly yet, started with Rovers of course, anyone found any good players for good prices?


Get him while you can, Lebohang Mokoena is a personal favourite of mine.

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