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[Archived] The Carling Cup Semi Final Draw Already Made

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larsson for arse

scored 3-1


another arrogent cockney frenchbumboy....what is it with them do they teach you need to ooze scummy traits...the way he swaggered in front of donny fans ,i was wishing a chinning would fall on him

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Look at Arsenal's "celebration" cause Donny missed that penalty.

Oh you must be so proud of yourselves Arsenal jumping for joy oh lets remember where..... Doncaster.

Chelsea PL champs. Arsenal overjoyed and celebrating with a lap of honour after beating Doncaster - how the mighty have fallen!!

Congratulations Rovers, well done Donny (bad luck),

Destined that Rovers draw Arse - lets get some revenge for the galant fellow rovers.

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Those Arsenal players ( except the keeper ) should be damn well ashamed of themselves.

And then having the gaul to dance in front of the Doncaster fans because they scored a penalty after very nearly being beaten at a game of football. They haven`t got a clue.


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