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Rovers Vs Man Utd. 1st Leg

bob fleming

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It will come down to two things.

Will United put out their best team?

Will our team play to its own potential?

We have to play at our best, even if United puts out a mixed line-up.


on your first point, it looks like a resounding yes. looking at manure's line up for the fa cup tie today, which is really really weak, it seems like we're gonna face pretty much their full works. expect to see ruud, shrek and co. but we did them once at home, we must believe we can do it again.

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I hope Hughes and the team are approaching the two games in a far more positive frame of mind than most of this m/b. huh.gif

As we've seen this season United have one outstanding player in Rooney and are still a good side. However they're still a pale shadow of the great teams Ferguson built in 1994 and 1999.

The only area of the pitch in which they clearly have the edge is up front. But as a poster above mentioned if our "flair" players Bellamy, MGP, Bentley and Tugay are on song during both legs we have a realistic chance of going through.

Also praying Gray is fit and available.

0-0 in the first leg wouldn't actually be that bad a result given the impact of the away goal rule. I think however there'll be a few more goals.

Rovers 2 (Bellamy 2)

Red Scum 1 (Rooney)

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I'm going for 2-0 on the night and 1-2 at Old Trafford, giving us a 3-2 win. Anyone checked the hotel prices in Cardiff - almost doubled for that weekend!!

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On a side issue Burton have thoroughly outplayed ManUre's second string in the first half of their FA Cup tie.

0-0 although you would expect superior fitness to count in the second half.


It's still 0-0 though Rooney and Ronaldo have since come on. Although it would be absolutely brilliant if Burton get a result as well as hillarious, anyone else think it will do our chances on Wednesday no favours at all?

Stuck in two minds! sad.gif

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Perfect result for Rovers. We had a bit of a stroll against QPR whilst the Manc club will be collectively mad and depressed by their trip to Burton.

Even better, they have an extra game before the second leg and judging by the RFW's reaction to the Exeter draw last season will put a full strength side out for the replay.

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dont be too sure that fergie is not losing the plot

clearly today he underestimated Burton and showed them NO respect by fielding that team today.

I hope he considers Rovers a push over although I do expect rooney,vndiver and co to be unleashed at Ewood.

Rovers have only two things to fear




Go for it Rovers tinykit.gif

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Planning to get ticket tomorrow. Hoping there are some left. Maybe it's years of watching rovers but every time I've gone we've been screwed out of the win by manure cheating and some of the most intept refereeing I've ever seen. Can we beat them? Absolutely we're good enough, but factor in the bias and manure will be that little bit too strong.

Added to which this is their best (only real - Chelsea Liverpool and the mighty Burton Albion are still in the FA cup) chance of winning a trophey, ironically the game is arguably more important to manure and rfw than it is to rovers. A trophey might just save RFW's job.

Hughes has a fair few dilemas - I wouldn't want to be in his shoes for the world at the moment. Hughes has some crucial choices to make.

1) who to drop out of his centre backs. I'd perhaps favour a Zurab-Nelsen partnership as Zurab is a bit more pacy which could make all the difference with fat boy and horse face, and todd didn't look too comfortable against Furlong let alone rooney.

2) Left back - I'm hoping it's going to be Grey but I'm a tad worried that Hughes might favour Matteo and a bit more defensive stability. Hope not as he was dreadful against QPR and any of Uniteds wide players will skin him and his poor distribution might hamper our attacking play.

3) Centre mid - to defend or not to defend? Reid's been in good form, but Tugs passing could mean the difference to Bellamy. However we really need to keep it tight defensivly and with Scholes as our nemisis it might be prudent to have two defensive mids to keep better tabs on the ginger wizard.

4) Right mid - Emerton or Bently. Niether have set the world alight. I'm guessing he'll go for emerton as bentley's been disappointing of late. However Hughes may be unwilling to break up a winning formula in midfield and keep Bentley in. Emerton imo will offer better protection defensively. Safe to say it won't be Tommo.

5) Strikers. Bellamy obviously but Dickov or Kuqi. Kuqi's passing is appalling and as other posters have pointed out this could make all the difference to giving Bellamy the opportunities he thrives on. Dickov is also imo a far better poacher, and a bit sharper around the box (although not one on ones). However without Kuqi our areal threat is weak and that plays a massive part in any game. Added to which Kuqi's presence may scare Rio and co into gifting us a goal or two.

Even with our current form I can't see anything but a rovers loss. We're in good form so it'll be from some dodgy reffing that costs us.

1-2 United Pederson for us Scholes and Rooney for them.

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Good post but going front to back:

Start with Dickov and Bellamy- the Mancs will have one if not two debutants so the pace of our two could well spring an unpractised offside trap. Their newbies are unlikely to have had to cope with anyone quite like Dickov before and didn't Rio Ferdinand nominate Dickov as the player he most hates playing against? Kuqi to do what he does best- come on after Dickov has run himself into the ground for an hour and give the Mancs defence an altogether different sort of physical challenge they won't fancy.

I expect Hughes will start with Bentley- he has more of a footballing brain and likely to play the odd very good pass. He's also getting an understanding going with Neill and he can have devastatingly good five minutes during a game which Bert rarely does. I don't know how physical Evra will be against him- if Hughes has Evra analysed as a quick brute, Bentley won't start. Otherwise, Bert to come off the bench and hopefully do what could be needed by then- head down and run with the ball to the other end to protect the Rovers' scoreline!

Tugay and Savage worked a treat at OT. We are only going to win this one by doing what we did there- taking the game to them. Our passing is going to be the key to winning this one and Tugs on form (as he is now) and having had a little rest could be (needs to be) a more potent weapon for us than Scholes is for them.

PLEASE let it be Gray. He certainly had a great game at OT and although he's vulnerable when Christina runs at him with pace, tell me a full back who isn't? Certainly the current large version of Matteo would have big problems.

Zura rather than Todd for his pace and better reading of the game. Todd also is slightly more likely to give away free kicks- sometimes really stupid ones. I doubt Todd's added physicality bothers Horseface or Shrek so chose the better footballer in Zura.

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As much as Rio can't defend Duncan Ferguson, I'm thinking maybe Kuqi should start. But then again, coming on as a sub 20 minutes from time is not bad either.

The central midfield has to be Sav and Tugay. Worked the best so far this season...and if Matteo starts anywhere on the pitch I give up...

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........every time I've gone we've been screwed out of the win by manure cheating and some of the most intept refereeing  I've ever seen.


Could you stop at home? wink.gif

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Yesterdays line-up will surely mean the strongest possible one on Wednesday!

Thats the only worry, but we did it once, why cant we do it again!


Hate to say this...but Utd were P*** poor when we beat 'em, I truley can't see us beating them over two legs. sad.gif

Then again... If we do the Quadruple over them this season...The whole forum is invited round to mine for a massive bender! ohmy.gif

(P.S. I live in Peterborough, but that should not be a problem should it?) wink.gif

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The fact that we are in another cup semi-final, shows how far we have come under Hughes. I'm sure he is dying to get Rovers to the final and put one over his old manager. We have been playing well lately and so have United, apart from yesterday. We have to take advantage of being at home first and win. Dickov and Bellamy to start up front, with Gray at left back. I can see United putting out their strongest 11, which includes Vidic and Evra. We have a great chance of getting to another cup final, so lets no muck it up.

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