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[Archived] Blackburn 0-0 Bolton


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On Friday February 23rd 2001 Blackburn won four-one at the Reebok Stadium in Horwich, thus taking three points off near neighbours and nearest rivals for the second automatic promotion spot from the Nationwide to the Premiership Promised Land. Both teams had been there before, though for Bolton it had only been in fleeting glimpses whilst Blackburn had been founders and winners of the recently reformed English top flight.

The win saw Rovers tighten there grip on second spot, whilst Wanderers, although they gave chase right up to the last couple of weeks, probably knew then that the game was up-Rovers had simply destroyed them that night, and two further games between the two teams in the fifth round of the FA cup gave further evidence that this was the case.

Both teams did eventually get promoted, Rovers after a glorious win at Deepdale over Preston, whilst Bolton doubled the Lilywhites dose of reality when they overpowered them in the play off final in Cardiff.

At the start of he following season in the Premiership , Rovers began against a wobbling Derby, and unfortunately lost on a poorly given offside, whilst down the road at Filbert Street the Wanderers gleefully rammed five past the Foxes without reply. The two games between Blackburn and Bolton that season both ended in draws.

After a nervy 10 months back both teams managed to avoid a swift return to the footballing under classes, Rovers finally finishing a creditable 10th , thanks in no small part to the purchase of Andrew Cole, whilst Bolton struggled to a nervy 16th, saved also by an astute purchase, this time in the shape of enigmatic French playmaker Youri Djorkaeff.

The following season saw Rovers back in Europe, on the back of a magnificent cup victory in the league cup, and again defy the odds and footballing gravity and clinch sixth place, whilst Bolton again had the locals on Prozac prescriptions by saving themselves with a last day win over Middlesbrough. Rovers had Duff, Dunn, Jansen and Cole. Bolton had Michael Ricketts.

But the tide was turning. Allardyce was becoming cute in the transfer market, picking up seemingly lost causes and misfits for buttons, and turning them into solid, work orientated team players. Djorkaeff, Campo, Laville came, then more-Pedersen, Davies and the coup de grace, Jay Jay Okocha. Okocha had starred in the 2002 World Cup in Japan and Korea and Sam really signaled his intent by securing his talents from under the noses of several other, much bigger European clubs. Indeed, in 2004 they emulated Blackburn in getting to the league Cup final, although they lost to give Middlesbrough their first ever trophy.

user posted image

Rovers meanwhile, after finishing sixth and qualifying for Europe twice began to falter. The loss of Duff, compensated for by a chunk of Rubles, handicapped the team. Cole started to sulk, Jansen fell of his bike, Dunn fell out with Souness, and results suddenly became more difficult to find. Souness used the Chelsea cash to invest in his second love, Glasgow Rangers. First Amorouso, then Ferguson came down the M6. Three months in, and it became apparent the Amorouso was clearly not up to the job, and Ferguson’s knee exploded on the pitch at St James Park. That season, only an inspired purchase in the shape of Jon Stead saved Rovers as they stumbled to 15th while Bolton were cruising to an eighth place finish. This was to be Souness last full season at the club.

The following season Rovers again struggled, and as Souness jumped before he was pushed, Bolton were again proving that you don’t always need a gazillion quid to upset the big boys. They took four points off Le Arsenal, and rubbed Chelsea and one or two others up the wrong way too. Progress was sound and they finished in a European spot for the first time ever.

user posted image

Meanwhile up the A666, Mark Hughes had been recruited and, after a poor start, got the some pride back in the Blue and white halves. Slowly but surely, he put the wheels back on and Rovers managed a final place fifteenth.

Ironically, during the four seasons since both clubs were promoted, the champions of that season and arguably the best side of the three at the time, Fulham have had nothing like the success that the town Lancashire sides enjoyed.

The two teams that played out that match at the Reebok in 2001, only Freidel and Jansen remain at Ewood, whilst at the Reebok only Gardner and Nolan are still left. Mark Hughes, who came on as sub that game, is of course now manager.

This is the record of the two teams in the four full seasons since 2001.

Blackburn P 152 W 49 D 45 L 58 F 190 A 176

Bolton P 152 W 49 D 48 L 55 F 182 A 213

Very similar, more so than I thought they would be.

The match this Saturday is a 5.15PM kick off, live on Sky. Heres hoping for another 4-1.

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Man, it is hard to look past ManU to this game, especially since our confidence could be soaring with a win or down in the pits with a drubbing. But I'd wager we'll win this one in a ugly match. Friedel will be tested early and often and with a scrappy performance Rovers come out on top 2-1 with Super-sub Kuqi getting the winner in the last 10 minutes of the game...

Oh yeah and good preview ozzie...it was good to step into the Way-Way Back Machine...even though it wasn't always great fun...

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Ozz if only your English was as good at Parklands as it is NOW tongue.gif

great read

I cant wait for the bolton game, although we do have the real red scum to play on wednesday.

A depleted Bolton side

A fired up Rovers team

A derby game

A mouthy big fat sam pre match

and Oh, northern boys love gravy ! I will be in the presence of both Sheephead and Paddy Mcguinness and hope to ram the taunts back down their show biz throats

1-0 Rovers laugh.gif

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I dont like their supporters......tend to have a huge chip on their shoulders when it comes to Rovers,somehow tend to think they are a bigger and better club.

2-0 Rovers. rover.gif

Att: 20,400


Rovers,Burnley,PNE,and Bolton.......guess which club has NEVER won a top flight title. laugh.gif

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Just as we are about to play the 2 teams that pays the odious El Hadj Diouf and the old RFW their wages it appears that the authorities are going to come down hard on the filthy and completely unecessary practice of spitting. I hope that includes a season long ban for the even more repugnant practice of players emptying their nasal passages!

About time too!

BTW Whoever is sitting close to the old RFW on Wed will they please keep an eye on him through the match and get him to wrap up his used chewing gum rather than spit it on the floor. It's a sign of his lowlife upbringing I know but a knight of the realm really should be setting a better example.

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Does anybody know yet if Bolton will be without their African contingent?


Yep (Okocha, Jaidi, Diouf, and I think there's one other I can't remember. EDIT It's Faye.). Fadiga wasn't picked though (Senegal?) so he's still available, and I was thinking their new keeper might be away but he's from Oman (I think) so is avail if Jaaskelainen isn't flavour of the month.

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and why do they get all the darwin end


So that they can sell as many tickets as possible and help boost our average crowd and coffers. Wouldnt bet on it tho, last yr when the match was on sky they bought some pathetic amount like 2,200 or summit.

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How do you know they have already gone??


Just in case you don't believe 1864 and myself, this is from the BBC site........

Allardyce is currently without El-Hadji Diouf, Rahdi Jaidi, Jay-Jay Okocha and Abdoulaye Faye, who are all away on African Nations Cup duty for the next month
in an article dated 7 January.
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Just in case you don't believe 1864 and myself, this is from the BBC site........in an article dated 7 January.


Wow, Jay-Jay and Diouf are Bolton's best players! Faye is quite important to them too.

On that basis, along with home advatage, we should be able to beat them. On the other hand Noblot will be fresher and Sparky will have one eye on the Worthington Cup...

Could see a bit of an odd side- Maybe starts for Peter, Reid, Kuq, Axe and Thompson to give some key players a rest in advance of the trip to Old Trafford.

2-1 Rovers.

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I've a lot of sympathy with the axe. He stayed here for the Pompey game and has been potted as capt by his teammates and his manager leaving his new position in the team virtually untenable. I can understand them of course but it must be disappointing for him and his family and friends all the same.

Worst thing is that unless we play 4-5-1 at which he excels defensively he doesn't get a look in.

Must say I dont want to lose him.

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The Bolton reserves are pretty tasty- Vaz Te and Nakata (sp?) amongst those who will be stepping in. Plus Nolan, Davies and one other back from suspension.

So no particular African advantage to Rovers. Going to be very tough- everything points to another 0-0 draw.

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I've a lot of sympathy with the axe.  He stayed here for the Pompey game and has been potted as capt by his teammates and his manager leaving his new position in the team virtually untenable.  I can understand them of course but it must be disappointing for him and his family and friends all the same. 

Worst thing is that unless we play 4-5-1 at which he excels defensively he doesn't get a look in. 

Must say I dont want to lose him.


I agree with that. He is a peculier player- can't pass, positioning is shaky, looks dodgy when put under pressure, yet in terms of winning back a ball seems to be one of the very best in the business. Pace allied with huge size and a rakeing, powerful tackle means he is odds on every time. If the boy had a bit of technique he would be lethal.

All the same it is hard to see how he can fit into our side unless we are in dire straits. Looks like we will have to lose him although he is a fine option to have on the bench if we are looking to shore up a lead!

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